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23 Gun Industry Statistics and Trends

Gun Industry Statistics and Trends

The gun industry has been under fire in recent years due to the increased media coverage of horrific crimes being committed throughout the United States with firearms. This industry sees an estimated $11 trillion each year from guns and ammunition sales. The following statistics illustrate the current overview and production of the gun industry.

US Firearm Production

The following weapons see an average yearly production of almost 3.5 million firearms. There are approximately 465 manufacturers in the United States of weapons and ammo with an additional 50,000 gun dealers. These are broken down into the following categories.

Rifle – 1,425,500
Shotgun – 777,125
Revolver – 352,625
Pistol – 889,125

Firearm Market Share

The gun industry is broken down into the following market share. In foreign trade, U.S. exports increased 13 percent in 2014, this after a 36 percent jump in 2013 (370,373 to 420,148).

Remington Rifles – 17.5%
Remington Shotguns – 21.5%
Mossberg Shotguns – 21.5%
Thompson Center Mussleloaders – 31.9%
Ruger Handguns – 16.7%
Bushnell Scopes – 17.1%
Remington Rifle Ammunition – 25.3%
Winchester Shotgun Ammunition – 31.9%
Winchester Handgun Ammunition – 22%

Semi Automatic Pistols

A documentary performed on semi automatic pistols.

Industry Jobs and Economic Impact

The following snapshot of the gun industry is looked at from the direct, supplier and induced segments that make up a majority of jobs and wages in the industry.

Jobs – 99,820
Wages – $4 trillion
Economic Impact – $14 trillion

Jobs – 43,960
Wages – $3 trillion
Economic Impact – $8.4 trillion

Jobs – 76,350
Wages – $3.6 trillion
Economic Impact – $11 trillion

Taxes Generated
State – $2.1 trillion
Federal – $2.5 trillion
Excise Tax – $500 million

Gun User Statistics

An estimated 32% of American households own a gun with 645,000 Americans who used a firearm last year for their protection. 49% of Americans believed that limiting ownership rights of guns infringed on their right to bear arms.

US Gun Industry

The following infographic takes a look at the gun industry and statistics of revenue and top producers. Americans own a total of one third of the guns on the planet with the top gun seller being Freedom Group Inc.

Gun Industry Statistics

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