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16 Priceless Jason Molina Quotes

Jason Molina was an American musician and singer-songwriter. Known best for his rotating cast of musicians and operating in a variety of musical genres from Indie Rock to Alternative Country. Here is a look at some of the most notable Jason Molina quotes from his life to get you inspired.

“From a guy that still doesn’t have his foot in the world, I feel pretty grounded as long as I have music.”

“How can I be the only one whose heart refused to try?”

“I always lived by railroads, and I would find places to just look at the horizon, and I always expected there was something somewhere else. And sometimes I think that’s more a metaphysical somewhere else rather than just to get out of the town.”

“I believe in doing vinyl. As long as vinyl can still be made into a high-quality standard, I’m going to still make all my records as a side A and a side B because that’s how I grew up listening to music.”

“I don’t listen to a lot of music; I write more music than I listen to, for sure.”

“I feel a lot of guilt about the freedom that being an artist provides. I ask myself, ‘Why am I not the guy emptying the trash, why am I the guy who is watching the guy empty the trash?'”

“I have not given up because you, my friends have not given up on me.”

“I know that a working class background is something that is romanticized by music and art writers, but anyone from this kind of past can see its glamorization as fraudulent.”

“I really enjoy recording right after a tour. We’re tired, but the songs are really lived in by then.”

“I try to be of the world, rather than just observing it.”

“I try to do collaborations with as many artists as possible. It’s really excellent and fun to actually work with another songwriter.”

“I write about eight hours a day, and I throw away most of what I write.”

“It is slow going, but it is going.”

“Music for me is not really a reaction to everyday events. It’s something that I pursue. Music is my blood.”

“No one has to be alright all of the time.”

“The consistency – either the theme from record to record, or the band, the different musicians – it really varies. So if I get criticism, I don’t worry about that, because I’m still being creative.”

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