21 Clever Catchy Slogans for Coral Reefs

The coral reefs that are located in oceans all around the world are dying. It is estimated that nearly one sixth of these reefs will be dead within twenty years. When you look at how many there are, this is a pretty scare possibility. This is why it’s vitally important that we start spreading awareness now of the damage being done and how we can work together to end it. Here are some great slogans all about saving the coral reef!

Above All. It’s About You.
Be Moral With Coral.
Corals Are Already A Gift, Don’t Give Them As Presents.
Don’t Be A Thief From The Reef.
Don’t Drag The Reef Into This.
Every Act Counts.
Have You Done Your Part To Save The Reef?
It’s Your Reef. Draw A Line To Protect It.
Keep The Coral Floral!
Losing Nemo. In Reality Now!
Nature Is Not A Souvenir.
Nemo Needs Our Coral Reefs.
Our Reefs. Our Problem.
Save Our Reefs!
Save The Coral Reef!
Save The Reefs, They’re The Only Ones We Got!
Scoop Ice Cream, Not The Reef!
Stop Killing The Reef!
The Coral Reef is Cool!
The Ocean Floor Is Not A Dance Floor.

This informative video is all about what the coral reef is, the types of animals that are living in it, and the things that are happening everyday to damage it.