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20 Priceless Vijay Eswaran Quotes

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, and philiantropist that has changed billions of lives around the world. As the founder of Qnet, Eswaran serves as the current Executive Chairman of the QI Group. Here is a list to some of the most prominent Vijay Eswaran quotes ever recorded.

“Conquer your thoughts. Change your destiny.”

“Dreams need control. Dreams need purpose.”

“Good leaders have to be found, but great leaders have to be made.”

“Good teachers don’t give you answers.”

“Information is your library; Knowledge is what you derive from it. Knowledge put into practice is wisdom.”

“It’s not enough that you change. You have to become a wave of change.”

“Just work on who you are everyday and let history record who you will become.”

“Mothers are the world’s best networkers because they would do anything for their children.”

“Only they who master themselves can be masters of their fate.”

“Success is a very individual thing. The successful man stands alone as a warrior.”

“Success truly happens in silence.”

“That’s what networking is about: not caring about what others think, how you look, how you sound, and just going day after day after day until success happens.”

“The depth of understanding is in the student, not in the master.”

“The rule that you always have to remember is: Forget yourself. When you’ve done this, it is only then that the game changes.”

“This is your path. Learn to love it before you have to leave it.”

“When you react to the words, you miss the message.”

“Working hard doesn’t cut it. (Working hard is not the answer to success.) You have to NEED to do it every single day.”

“You can keep a swoprd or a gun but never have to use it; so it is with anger.”

“You cannot sell anything unless you learn how to sell yourselves first.”

“You need great love to show great care.”

Vijay Eswaran takes some time to discuss entrepreneurship upon being featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the top 50 richest men in Malaysia.

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