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20 Photo Techniques that Get the Most Instagram Likes

Instagram is the world’s largest photo-sharing social network. You may be on the site for sheer fun. You may want to have a fan following which you may or may not want to monetize or capitalize on in any way in the future. You may be on the site with professional objectives. Regardless of why you use the site and share photos, you would like to get more likes. Everyone likes to get noticed, anyone would be glad if their content, posts or what they share get shared by others and liked by more.

The following infographic provides a guide with the best tactics to use for driving traffic to your Instagram by the style of photos you post.

Increasing Engagement With Photos on Instagram

Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Have you ever wondered what works on Instagram and what doesn’t work? Have you ever tried to figure out what it takes to get a hundred likes, five hundred likes or to get a photo go viral? There are no clear methods to the madness that happens in the virtual world but in all the frenzy, certain trends would always emerge.

In Instagram, it has been observed that certain types of photos or images get liked and shared more than others. It goes without saying that amazing photos will always get more attention. An image of the Himalayan landscape will always be a crowd puller in comparison with an image of a spoon, unless there is something magical about the spoon which is clearly obvious in the image.

Thus, the first technique to use on Instagram to get more likes is to understand what kind of images get more attention and hence likes and shares. In the slide share, you would come across dozens of insights that will clearly tell you what works on the site and what doesn’t. If you have to get the attention of fellow Instagram users, if you need them to like what you share and if you want to have a strong following then you must have and share what the fellow users would want to like and share.

Check out the various techniques as laid out in the slide share which have been proven through time to be effective attention grabbers. There is a lucid pattern that has emerged in recent times. People love certain kinds of photos, certain angles of shots or perspectives, certain gradients and themes, colour schemes and symmetry. There are conventional modern preferences that you would expect and some neoclassical preferences as well. You need to determine how you wish to cater to the preferences of fellow users on Instagram.

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