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6 LDS Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

A Mormon wedding normally involves a small ceremony of attendees, followed by a larger reception. The Mormon culture surrounds that of community, however for limited budgets, smaller receptions are acceptable. When it comes to wedding etiquette, guests can have to the first year of marriage to send a gift. However, it is preferable that one is received within three months of tying the knot. A series of LDS wedding invitation wording ideas from popular styled Mormon weddings are compiled below.

Mr. and Mrs. [name of hosts] are pleased to announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter [bride name] to [groom name] son of [groom parents name] on [day of week], [date] and [year].

Together with their parents [bride name] and [groom name] are pleased to announce their forthcoming marriage [date of week], [date and year]. The pleasure of your company is requested at the ring ceremony and reception held in their honor.

[bride name] and [groom name] have chosen [day of week], the [date] to be married for time and eternity in the [temple name]. They together with their parents [host name] request the pleasure of your company at an Open House held in their honor.

[name of hosts] together with [name of other hosts] are pleased to announce the marriage of [bride name] to [groom name] in the [temple name] on [date].

[host name] request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children [bride name] and [groom name]. [day of week] at [time] in the evening on [name of location].

[name of bride] and [name of groom] joyously announce their eternal marriage [date]. You are invited to a reception to celebrate their union [date and time].

The Mormon Church has almost 30,000 congregations located in communities and areas. With over 139 Temples worldwide, 68 exist within the United States alone. Majority of members live within several hours distance from their Temple. The purpose of Temple is to allow members to worship and get close to God. Regular worship services are made available to all too attend and celebrate with the Latter Day Saints Church. The infographic below provides a brief overview of the Mormon Church.

Mormon Temple Facts

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