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20 Personality Traits of Successful People

Some people may not like the idea of comparing Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg but both have been legends in their own right. There are many attributes they both have in common. The same applies to the likes of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Spielberg, James Cameroon and Steven Soderbergh among countless other successful people from various industries, cutting across genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures and educational qualification.

A selection of the most successful characteristics needed for leaders and the easy pitfalls that can occur.

Unsuccessful Characteristics of Leaders

All successful people, those who have an impact on society at large or in a specific industry, or even in a certain company, will have certain traits in common. It is those traits that make a person effective. It is those traits that segregate them from the aspirants. The only difference between an aspirant and a successful person is a combination of few attributes which have lead the aspirant to succeed.

Success Comes In All Shapes And Sizes offers you a sneak peek into those traits that can help you to succeed. Something as simple as being enthusiastic about what you do can make you prone to success. Every successful person in the world is enthusiastic about what she or he does. They would be passionate. It doesn’t matter if it is art, science, business or something out of the ordinary. Without passion, excitement, a penchant to explore what one truly wants to and to consistently strive until what is desired is realised are at the very foundation of every successful person’s character.

Conviction to do what is right, asking the right questions to get the right answers, being in an effective network, having ambitions and the willingness to own up to failure only to make way for success are some of the common traits that you would find in every successful person.

Those who want to succeed, truly, would never shy away from taking a risk, wouldn’t reject criticism, wouldn’t be vulnerable to the aftermath of failure, wouldn’t mind making a change or taking a decision that doesn’t comply with traditional reasoning and only be focused on the eventual objective while adhering to the principles that she or he believes in.

From Martin Luther King Jr. to successful entrepreneurs of the digital age, there are many traits that make all of them similar in more ways than one. The only difference is in the path they chose to make a difference.

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