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15 High School Graduation Invitation Wording Ideas

High School graduation rates are among some of the highest seen since 1970. With a decrease of over 3.4% in the drop out rate, an increase in challenged academia and advanced placement courses are growing. In the last decade, graduate rates have increased almost 10% with advanced placement growing more than 8% since 2002. A selection of high school graduation invitation wording is provided below to help inspire the proud words and dedication for students that have reached their first major life milestone.

As a student, I have attained a major goal in my life. Now, I strive for my own success. With pride of achievement, I announce my Graduation from [name] High School.

As our final year comes to a close, we reflect upon the memories which have brought us tears and joy. We, the Senior Class of [year], at [name] High School come together to celebrate with you our new beginning.

As our final year comes to an end, we pause to reflect upon the many memories which have brought us tears and joy. We came to this place together, to learn, to grow, to share. Time and space may separate us, but wherever our pathways take us we’ll always be the Class of [year] from [name] High School.

I am pleased to announce my Graduation from [name] High School on [date] at [time]. I treasure the privilege of sharing with you the joy of my achievement.

I have attained a goal in my life. It is with a sense of accomplishment that we celebrate our Graduation from [name] High School.

I have strived for and accomplished an important goal in my life of which I am very proud. It would add to my joy if you could share this moment with me as I graduate from [name] High School.

Join with us in a celebration of achievement and fulfillment.

The time has come we all must part. We must show our friends what’s in our hearts. The love and joy that we have found, we want to spread all around.

To look forward to each tomorrow is to truly live. In pride, [name] High School Seniors invite you to attend their Commencement Exercises.

We grow, we learn, we seek, but for now, we pause to celebrate. We, the Class of [year] [name] High School invite you to share in our joy at the Commencement Exercises on [date] and [time].

We have laughed, learned and grown together, but for now, we pause to celebrate. In pride, we the [name] High School Seniors invite you to share in our joy at our Commencement Exercises on [date] and [time] at [location].

We have no yesterdays, time took them away. Tomorrow may not be, but we have today. As memories unfold across the meadows of our minds, we remember the special moments that we will never leave behind.

We treasure the privilege of being able to share our joy of achievement with you as we graduate from [name] High School.

We wish to share this time with you, to laugh, to smile, to cry. Before our next tomorrow, precious years may go by.

With pride of achievement, we stride toward the future filled with optimism and secure in the confidence that we will attain success and happiness in life’s fulfillment.

For recent graduates, more than 1 in 3 young adolescents feel depressed. Almost half of millennials admit to experiencing anger as a result of stress. Depression in young women have increased over 70% in the last six years. To ensure a healthy mindset and achievable goals are created, a short guide to planning your life after high school is outlined in the below infographic.

High School Graduation Planning

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