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20 Most Repinned and Pinned Words on Pinterest


Get Better Results on Pinterest Today

Pinterest is one of the growing hotspots for social media today. It’s a little like Facebook in that it allows people to share interesting pieces of content in a visual way with their friends. It’s a little like Twitter in that pins that people create can be repinned to other accounts. It’s even a little like a blog in that you can easily put around 500 words of a description into a pin. Many organizations and marketers are seeing the advantages that Pinterest can bring, but they aren’t finding any success in their efforts. Is that you? Then you can improve your success rate by following these simple Pinterest tips.

Keep Your Descriptions Clear and Concise

When people are repinning items, they want enough information so that they can get a clear picture of what the pin is offering in value, but they don’t want to be overwhelmed with information to the extent that they can’t find that one tidbit they want. In looking at the description length of pins that are frequently repinned, descriptions that have zero verbiage are almost equal to pins that have 500 words or more of content contained in them. The best level of content? Between 200-300 words. In other words, about two or three good paragraphs that clearly and concisely talk about what the pin is about.

Know Why People Generally Use Pinterest

A lot of people use Facebook in order to share pictures of their family, their adventures, or funny things they’ve found online during the day. Pinterest is a different cookie in that most people use it to find decorating or cooking ideas. Posts about food have a much higher chance of being repinned than any other subject. If you want the people who are on Pinterest to really notice what you’ve got to offer, you’re going to need to fit your content into these two categories.

Focus On Likes More Than Comments

It feels really good when someone leaves a comment that is complimentary to what you’ve offered the global community. On Pinterest, the problem is that people who comment on a pin are less likely to repin it themselves. People who like a pin are about 30% more likely to repin the information that’s been shared than commenters are. This means you’ll want to focus on creating graphics that are visually stunning, followed up with 200-300 words of content that concisely talk about the image that you’ve pinned to your account.

Are You Ready For Pinterest?

Pinterest is more for niche businesses and people than it is for the general public. If your business doesn’t really relate to food or design in some way, it will be difficult to find a lot of success on this social media site. If they do, however, you can use this advice today to maximize your experience on Pinterest and get more repins than you’ve been getting so far. What kind of pin could you create today that would tempt people to want to repin it and want to know more about you?

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