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20 Fabulous Lee Cockerell Quotes

Lee Cockerell stands by four primary competencies to be successful; technical, management, technological, and leadership. With four decades serving the hospitality industry, Lee took his years of experience to write three books focused on leadership and service. Here is a look at some of the most memorable Lee Cockerell quotes to know.

“A workplace can look as diverse as the United Nations, but if the employees are not truly respected, not truly valued, not truly involved, and not truly treated with dignity, what you have is a great photo opportunity, not real inclusion.”

“An effective leader allows exceptions to the rule for exceptional results or when circumstance demands.”

“Each of the fifty-nine thousand Cast Members is trained to treat each and every Guest with the utmost care and respect. And they do this consistently because they are treated exactly the same way by the Disney leadership: with the utmost care and respect.”

“Efficient” is being able to get things done. “Effective” is doing the right things in the right order, and making sure you address everything that is urgent, vital and important, in every part of your life.”

“Find experts to assist you in areas you are not strong in.”

“Good leaders are humble enough to admit what they don’t know, and great leaders are constantly looking for new information.”

“Great service does not cost any more money than average or poor service.”

“In other words, the customer doesn’t come first; leadership comes first.”

“One of the main reasons people don’t improve is that they are not honest with themselves.”

“One way to get your priorities accomplished is to schedule them into your calendar.”

“Physical fitness and a love of reading are among the most important gifts you can give your children.”

“Professionalism is not about training or job title or pay grade; it is about how you conduct yourself.”

“Surround yourself with great people.”

“The only way to get excellence is with training, education, and enforcement.”

“The quality of your life is directly affected by how and where you spend your time.”

“There is a stark difference between a person who is in a professional position and someone who acts professionally.”

“With self-discipline almost anything can be achieved in every aspect of life.”

“You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time.”

“Your customers hold you to a high standard. If you want to achieve true excellence, raise that bar even higher for yourself, your colleagues, and everyone around you.”

“Your organization’s culture is the product of the people in it, and every addition and subtraction will alter the chemistry. Do everything you can to keep it harmonious.”

Lee Cockerell was the Executive President of Operations for Walt Disney World. Serving a decade in this position, he has much advice to share with others in this speaking event.

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