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21 Exceptional Thank You Messages for Employees

More than a quarter of employees in the workforce claim their loyalty to a position that was recognized compared to the most than half unrecognized employees that would be willing to look for another job. More than three fourths of employees that are recognized and appreciated are satisfied in their positions. Many recognition programs can be implemented within the organization such as handing out plaques, giving cash or gift certificates, and supplying food. The following exceptional thank you messages for employees are perfect samples as to the type of sentiments and messages you can share among your workforce. These have been used by others and are intended to help inspire new strides to improve current recognition programs.

For all the effort you have shown just to make this company succeed, I am deeply grateful.

For my employees I thank you for attending Christmas celebrations and making the moment beautiful for me. I wish you a merry Christmas and hope we celebrate Christmas together again.

I appreciate the excellent performance of yours as a customer service executive. The organization has not only benefited from your service, you have also set a benchmark in customer service.

I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful for. Primarily among those is the talented group of employees. Thank you for the work you have done for the organization this year. You have helped us provide award winning services to our clients.

I thank all my employees for their effort in making the organization a successful one and bringing it to this position. I am really grateful for your painstaking effort in work.

It is indeed a great effort that you gave more importance to hard work and goodwill of the organization than increment and promotion. We would always be thankful to you.

It is my pleasure to thank you for exceeding the sales target for three months in a row. I hope you continue to perform like this.

It is your energy, talent and hard work that have brought benefits for the organization. We appreciate your excellent performance and would like to thank you.

Thank you for everything you do to make this a successful, terrific place to work. Have a wonderful, long weekend filled with good things.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work because of which we are today the top company.

Thank you my loyal employees for your hard work in completing the dotcom project in such a quick time period. I am really grateful for your team work efforts and am really fortunate to have such good employees as you all.

The organization feels proud to have a valuable employee like you who has provided excellent service.

Through this beautiful text, I send thank you wishes for your service in my organization as you leave and wish you a happy and bright future ahead. It was a good working association with you.

Togetherness is the reason for our bonding. There is no limit to our togetherness and together we will keep serving the company. Thank you.

We appreciate your value as an employee of this organization and also would like to praise for the talent you have. The organization is thankful for your excellent service.

We understand your value as member of our team. We value your talent and skills. We believe that with such a team member, the company will reach the height of success.

You have been an excellent employee and an asset for us. We are thankful to you.

You never gave importance to increment and promotion. Work always mattered to you. Thank, you.

You work was filled with hindrances like recession, cost cutting of the company and layoffs. Thank, you that you did not let that deter you from hard work and you continued to serve us.

Your contributions matters to this company. Your hard work will surely take the company to the highest level of success. Thank you, for all that you have done.

Your excitement and energy matter to us. You always come up with new ideas, which help us. You add enthusiasm you to the team. Your contribution inspires us. Your innovative ideas act as solution to the hindrances faced by the company. Thank you, for giving us chance to look up to you.

Many employees are recognized over their years of service with a company and help to thank their high performance and positive attitude. Creating a culture of recognition and appreciation will increase morale among all employees while growing an environment for teamwork and increased contributions. Majority of employees strive to acquire some form of recognition every 7 days. The below infographic outlines some great statistics and facts regarding employee thank you’s.

Best Ways for Employee Appreciation

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