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50 Long Thank You Notes for Employees (Year End & Speeches)

The following exceptional thank you notes to employees are perfect samples of the type of sentiments and messages you can use among your employees and staff, either by themselves or as part of a letter or speech.

Thank You to Employees for Hard Work
Year End Thank You Messages to Employees
Short Employee Appreciation Speeches

Thank You to Employees for Hard Work

1. Isaac Newton said that everything he achieved was the result of standing on the shoulders of giants. I couldn’t put it any better. All of our success is down to your skills and untiring application. Every day, I am amazed by the effort you put in and the sacrifices you make. I just want you all to know how much I appreciate all your hard work.

2. It always seems to be the architect that gets the praise, but the builders do all the hard work. Well, that’s not fair. All of you in this brilliant team are the builders of everything that we achieve. I know how unselfishly you work together to get results every time, and I want to thank you sincerely. I’m flattered and honored to be able to work with you all in such a fantastic team. Let’s keep building together for the future.

3. Skill without effort doesn’t get you anywhere. The same goes for effort without skill. Thankfully, though, all of you are enormously talented and always put in the absolute maximum effort to achieve our goals. Our success comes down to your application and expertise. I want to offer you my profound gratitude for everything that you give to this job. It is a pleasure to work with such professional, hardworking, and personable people.

4. You are all talented, and hopefully, you already know that. You wouldn’t have been hired if you weren’t. Some people say that hard work beats talent. We are grateful that we don’t need to know if that’s true or not, because you have shown us how talent works hard. We see each of you motivated to be better and each of you getting better than you were before. We appreciate your excellent performance and sincerely thank you for your dedication.

5. You have all proven yourselves to be reliable and dedicated to your duties and obligations, and this is much appreciated by myself and the rest of the senior management. We have noticed some exceptional leadership skills and how well you cooperative as a team under pressure. We are extremely grateful to you all for being passionate about your roles, and we could not ask for a better team.

6. On behalf of [company] and myself, I would like to pass on our thanks for your exceptional work. In general, it is never easy when we are up against deadlines or have targets to meet, but knowing that I have this hardworking team by my side makes my job so much easier. You all really make me look good, and for that, I am grateful.

7. Everyone here shows their dedication to [company] daily. I have had the pleasure of watching you grow as a team and work consistently to obtain the best results. You have demonstrated a wide range of skills among yourselves and are able to work together in such an organized manner. Many thanks for your hard work, and congratulations on a job well done. I hope you are all proud of your accomplishments.

8. I would like to open with the obvious: a well-deserved, heartfelt thank you. Although you have faced some challenges at times, you got the job done, on time and to specification. Through your continued hard work, we have been able to accomplish so much at [company] and meet the demands of our clients. Thank you.

9. Many thanks for the contributions you have made to [company] as a team. You never fail to demonstrate the skills required to meet our goals, and I have received excellent feedback on your performance from our clients. I have noticed how well you manage your workload among yourselves and support each other along the way. Well done.

10. Today we celebrate some great results for [company], and I wanted to thank you for your continued support. We cannot succeed without you. Having hardworking and reliable staff is a cornerstone to any business, and this organization is fortunate to have some of the best employees. Congratulations on a job well done and thank you for helping us achieve our targets.

11. I wanted to pass on my warmest thanks for the first-rate results you have achieved. You have shown true grit and determination to meet deadlines, and your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Everyone has played a crucial role within the team, and you have worked together as a solid unit, supporting each other.

12. You have all achieved so much as a team, and your combined efforts have made a positive impact on our business. I recognize how well you manage your tasks and projects, and it is a pleasure to watch each of you develop professionally. Your dedication and hard work are greatly appreciated.

13. Please accept my sincere gratitude for all the hard work you have done. Your drive, determination, and effort have been exceptional. Your cooperation within the team has been truly outstanding, and together you have achieved first-class results. Congratulations on your success, and I am proud of your accomplishments.

14. It is with great pride I can share the good news with you on your performance. You have all worked incredibly hard, and with your combined efforts, we have reached all our targets as a business. You have all made fantastic individual contributions, and I can clearly see the progress you are all making. Thank you for exceeding all expectations.

Year End Thank You Messages to Employees

1. They say that a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, but I wouldn’t know because this team doesn’t have one. Because of your unrelenting hard work, we have become a streamlined unit. I want to say thank you to every single one of you for making all of our achievements over the last year possible. No bridge is too far for you guys and no challenge too great. Thanks for climbing every mountain to make this a great year.

2. The end of the year is a great time to look back and celebrate what we’ve achieved together over the last 12 months. And it’s all down to you. Everyone in this all-star team works for each other, and that’s a beautiful thing to see. Every day, rain or shine, I see all of you giving everything they have to this job. I’m proud and humbled by you all, and I just want to thank you for all of your hard work.

3. As another year comes to a close, it can seem that time is just flying by, but then I think about everything that this team has achieved in the last year. I marvel at how we’ve managed to fit in all those successes and fantastic results into just twelve months. I know what you special people have given of yourselves to achieve this: the late nights, the self-sacrifice, and commitment to each other and our team. You are all amazing. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the future.

4. What a great year we have had. When we look back on all of our highlights, I want you to think back on your contributions. It’s easy just to remember the successes and not all the innovation, application, and sheer hard work that you put in to make them possible. I want to tell you all that I see and marvel at what you put in to get these results. You should all stand tall and appreciate how excellent you are. I can’t thank you enough.

5. What a superb year we have had. I’ve watched you sow the seeds of our success with your admirable dedication and super talents. Your concentration and commitment to excellence have carefully nurtured everything we’ve achieved this year. Now, as we reap the harvest of all that effort, I want to remind you that it is all down to you. Thanks and thanks again for your hard work.

6. In the last year, each and every one of you has tirelessly given your time, skills, and positive can-do attitudes to the job. When the going got tough, you got going. Countless times your professionalism and expertise have brought us over the line. I just want you all to know how much that means to me. A thousand thank you’s for all your hard work.

7. As we come close to the end of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for making this a fantastic place to work, and for making our team the best on the street. Time after time, you have supported each other and pitched in where it was needed to get the job done. You have sacrificed your personal time for the sake of the job, and have proven to me that there is no “I” in “team.” I want you to know that I recognize all you have done this past year, and I am excited about the year ahead. Together, we will continue to do great things, and I look forward to helping you all continue your professional growth.

8. As another year draws to an end, I wanted to express my warmest thanks to each and every one of you. You have all had a part to play in our business, and without your continued support and dedication to your workload, we would not have met our annual goals. I look forward to progressing together next year with confidence that we can meet any challenges we face.
It has brought me great satisfaction this year to see how you have worked as a group to reach our goals, and you should all feel confident in your professional abilities. I commend the quality of your work and you all for maintaining such high standards day after day. As we reflect on this year at [company], I hope you feel proud of your achievements and the determination you have shown.

9. As we approach the end of [year], I am delighted with what we have achieved. There are always ups and downs within any organization, but together you have met all challenges with passion and drive. I hope [company] can continue to rely on such fantastic staff, and we can continue to work together as a strong team going forward.

10. Looking back on the last 12 months, it is apparent how much you have all contributed to [company], and for this, I want to thank you. Your loyalty and support have been extraordinary. You have all proved that we are on our way to having the best team-oriented culture in our industry. Many thanks for making this a fantastic place to work and for maintaining such high standards.

11. This year has been a good year for [company]. We have kept on track with our business goals, and much of our success is due to the hard work from you, our fantastic staff. As a team, we have faced a few challenges, but we have seen considerable improvements throughout the company. It is a great honor to have such a dedicated and trustworthy group of employees. Please accept my genuine appreciation for all you have contributed this year.

12. I am pleased to state that there is only positive news to share this yearend. As a company, we have worked with enthusiasm and commitment throughout the year. Each member of this group has played their part, and I am grateful to have witnessed a high standard of work. I hope you share my pride in your achievements.

13. As this year closes and we look to the future, I wanted to thank you for your involvement. We would not be where we are today as a company without our team of talented and loyal employees. Your passion for success has been recognized, and I have received a wide variety of glowing client feedback throughout the year. Congratulations on your achievements, and I am looking forward to working together in the coming year.

Short Employee Appreciation Speeches

1. Neil Armstrong was the guy who got to step on the moon first, but he had some brilliant minds behind him. That’s how I feel when I look at everything that you do to get results. Time and again, you go the extra mile to ensure that all of our projects get off the ground. I offer you my deep appreciation and sincere thanks for digging deep and giving so much to this team. Let’s keep shooting for the moon.

2. Giving 110% has become a cliche, and it doesn’t nearly express how hard you all apply yourselves to the challenges that we face together. So, I’m going to have to find another way to say it. How about, “this team doesn’t just go the extra mile, it does the Ironman”? Or, “we don’t just bend over backward, we do backflips?” But then, really, the best way to say it is just to say it. You are a fantastic team. What you achieve is incredible, the way you achieve it is even better, and I offer you my sincere thanks.

3. As I look around at you guys, I see a very talented group of individuals. But, more than that, what I see is an extraordinary team. And the best thing for me is that it’s a team I’m a part of. I just want to tell you all how proud I am of everything that we have achieved together. I can’t wait to continue on with our adventure and see what marvels our super team can perform next.

4. What we have created here is an exceptional thing, make no mistake about that. It isn’t every day that a group of individuals come together in a workplace and choose to channel their skills for the common good. But all of you guys give your all for your team, every time. Your collaborative spirit has created something magical here. Thanks so much for daring to dream.

5. I want to thank you all, deeply and sincerely, for building this team’s success. You all work tirelessly for the common good, and that’s why we get such great results. I know that you all are absolutely committed to our success, and your professionalism is awe-inspiring. There’s no need for me to say, “keep up the good work,” because I know that you will. It is a privilege and an honor to work with you all.

6. There is a time for modesty, but this isn’t it. So, I’m just going to come right out and say it. We’re a superb team. When all of you guys combine your talents, hard work, and incredible application, the results are stunning. I’m proud of you all and humbled to work with you in this world-class team.

7. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that not only I, but the entire management team, appreciates your commitment to your jobs and your professionalism. Not everyone can say they work with a team that are self-motivated and driven to performing with excellence every single day. It is that excellence in performance that makes me confident that we will continue to conquer new challenges as a team. It is each one of you performing to your highest standards and working with each other toward shared goals that allows us to deliver what and how we do. I hope you are proud of the important role you play in our success, and know that we are very grateful for you.

8. I wanted to gather you together today to say thank you. Each one of you adds such value to the team, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. It has been rewarding to watch you reach goals as a solid unit. The way you listen to each other and show respect is commendable. Your hard work is much appreciated, and I see a bright future for you all here at [company].

9. I wanted to express my gratitude to you for your ongoing hard work and support. As a team, you have demonstrated some model qualities and behaviors. Moreover, you have been key contributors to our success. I am inspired by your enthusiasm and energy on a daily basis, and I hope you all feel supported in your professional development. Thank you for all your endeavors.

10. It has come to my attention that we have met our objectives, and I wish to pass on my sincere thanks for all your support. I have been so impressed with your positive attitude and the way you have worked together as a united team. I know there is real talent within your group, and I hope you continue to work and learn together to keep succeeding.

11. May I take this opportunity to appreciate the contribution you have made to [company]. You are all great assets to our organization, and I truly admire all your ongoing achievements. Thank you for always showing up and being a trusted team that gets fantastic outcomes. I hope your motivation will remain, and together we can continue to exceed expectations.

12. It is important for me to convey on behalf of the management our appreciation for your performance. I recognize the efforts you have put in to make this team work so well together. You show consideration for your colleagues, which fits well with our company values, and I believe your joint effort is what sets you apart. Congratulations on your success.

13. I am delighted to pass on my congratulations on a job well done. I was pleased to see how well you have coped when complex issues have arisen. It has been impressive to see you work together to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Your attitudes have been sensational, and you can be proud of your outstanding performances.

Best Quotes for Thank You Notes to Employees (Year End & Speeches)

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”
Colin Powell

“When it is obvious that goals can’t be reached, don’t adjust the goals, but adjust the action steps.”

“There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do – and I believe that.”
Derek Jeter

“Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn’t what you get for it, but what you become for it.”
Steve Maraboli

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”
Leonardo da Vinci

“In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, products, and profits. Unless you’ve got a good team, you can’t do much with the other two.”
Lee Iacocca

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

“Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”
Barack Obama

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk…In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”
Mark Zuckerberg

“I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. That is when I start counting, because then it really counts. That’s what makes you a champion.”
Muhammed Ali

Many employees are recognized for their years of service with a company, for their high performance and for their positive attitudes. Creating a culture of recognition and appreciation will increase morale among all employees while growing an environment for teamwork and increased contributions. The majority of employees strive to receive some form of recognition every 7 days. The below infographic outlines some great statistics and facts regarding employee thank you’s.

Best Ways for Employee Appreciation

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