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20 Content Marketing Tactics with the Best ROI

Content Marketing Tactics

The Do’s and Don’ts of Content Marketing

Guest posting, PDF White Papers, Press Releases, Blogging, Infographics, Presentations, Rankings are all terms that are used with respect to content marketing. It can be said that content marketing is SEO.

What is content marketing?
It is the method of marketing your products and services to target market through the creation of valuable and relevant content that engages the mind and attention of all persons involved.

Benefits of Content Marketing

The first benefit of content marketing is improved ranking with respect to your website. It leads to better keyword targeting and helps to get more visitors from a variety of topics.

Increasing the range of your targeted keywords will lead to more traffic and improved keyword results.

4 Pillars of Content Marketing

1. Blogging
With respect to blogging, you need to have a blog for your website. A blog will provide quality not quantity. Write quality content for your blog and do not publish an article of low quality. Maintain a schedule for each post. Do not copy other people’s content and do not duplicate your own content.

In your blog, target keywords while you encourage social sharing. Do not write lengthy paragraphs for your blog.

2. Press Release
Always have something new to say in your press release. Links should not be included in your press release. Take out time to create a headline that would catch the attention of the public. A press release should not be turned into a sales pitch.

Make sure there are no mistakes in the headlines or within your press release. Do not include false statistics and site any sources for those statistics or survey.

For a professional press release, use the correct format. While you take into consideration page ranking guidelines.

3. Infographics
Make sure your infographics have visual appeal. Make sure you do not copy an existing one. Include numbers, statistics, charts, and graphics. Do not sacrifice clarity of information for excessive information.

Promote your infographics on social media outlets. Make sure your infographic is safe for work. Try to tell a story through your infographic. Make your infographic embeddable and make sure it is not a horizontal in orientation.

4. Guest Posting
When guest posting, make sure to follow the guidelines of the guest posting site. Do not guest post for the sake of guest posting. Make sure only relevant links are included in the article. After submission, do not ask the editor for review as this is not necessary.

For a guest post, write a decent biography. If your article is rejected, move on and do not brood over it. Before guest posting on a site, verify the reputation of the site as this is necessary. Do not make guest post on subjects and topics that have been written on several times.

When users respond to your comments, you should respond to their comments also. When you follow these guidelines you will be on your way to make a success of your content marketing endeavors.

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