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19 Future Fundraising Trends and Statistics

Future Fundraising Trends

Giving Goes Digital in the Future of Fundraising

It has been discovered that the idea of raising funds online is growing very fast. Over the past decade, fundraising has improved significantly. In the year 2000, fundraising stood at 1.7% while in 2010, online fundraising alone stood at 10.7%. In an economy with GDP of $14.99 trillion, total fundraising contributed 2%. It was discovered that for a GDP of 40%, total fundraising contributed 2%. Nevertheless, the massive rates of online giving represent a small fraction of overall giving. This channel of giving is an opportunity for non-profit organizations to raise funds.

Performance of Non-Profit Organizations

Statistics reveal that visitors who leave an email address when promoted, forms 2.04% while 53.89% of all house file email address was usable. This leads to $13 raised per email address. Of all emails sent with respect to donations, 14.72% form open rates, 0.7% form click through rates, while 0.5% was the response rate.

Donation Increase

In 2012, online donations great significantly. First timers formed 3%, one time formed 10%, and repeat donors formed 20%. Sustained donors formed 27%. At this rate, if we extrapolate this level of growth over the next ten years, by 2022, there will be an 18.4% overall fundraising while online fundraising would have increased by 176.4%.

So you need to decide if you will be a part of this growth. This can be achieved through planning for digital success. It can also be achieved through measurement and improving metrics.

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