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20 Catchy Tug Boat Company Names

Tug boats are the tow trucks of the water. They are designed to push, pull, and maneuver boats and other ocean vessels. They serve as a vital necessity for any maritime activity, and to keep safety on the water. Starting your very own tug boat company can be lots of fun and very profitable. Here are some wonderful names of existing tug boat companies to help you choose the perfect name for you own.

AEP River Operating
Bay-Houston Towing
Crescent Towing
Crosby Tugs
Curtin Maritime
Donjon Marine Co
Foss Maritime Co.
Martin Marine
Nicholas Brothers Boats
Nordic Tugs Inc
Olympic Tug & Barge
Pacific Tugboat
Ranger Tugs
Seaboats Inc
Seabulk Tankers
The Great Lakes Tug Boats
Tugboat Annies
Westar Marine Services
Western Towboat Company
WestWind Tugboat Adventures

Here is a fun, mini documentary about one of the most iconic tug boats in history. All of the details of why they are so important and how long they have been around are given in this wonderful, educational piece.

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