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Most Used Online Payment Methods in Major Countries


Have you ever thought about just how important it is to know about payment methods in the countries where you do business? Knowing about the world of payment methods can go a long way in boosting your overall business. Here, we will explain to you just what the above infographic can teach us about doing business internationally. Some of the findings about payment methods around the world may just surprise you, mo matter where you are currently doing business. Here are some key points that this infographic tell us about international payment methods.

1. Payment Methods Differ from Place to Place.
We know that for many of you, this might be a big so what and who cares. But the truth of it is that payment methods vary so much from country to country and continent to continent that these nuances simply cannot be ignored. Especially for those of us who are trying to expand our businesses or reach a wider audience. It is important to cater to all your potential clientele on your webpage by offering a wide variety of payment methods. Not doing so could mean you are losing our on valuable potential customers from elsewhere.

2. Taking Advantage of this Knowledge.
In this day and age, nearly anyone can find a website that offers something that they want to purchase. When you monitoring traffic to and from your website, can you better figure out what countries you are getting the most visits from. Comparing this information to the type of payment methods offered on your site can help you to better cater to your target demographic. Add any popular payment options in various countries, as needed. As you expand, be sure to also add more payment options that cater specifically to the new clientele you are trying to win over.

3) The Most Popular Methods.
What are considered to be the most popular payment methods on a global scale? Here are a a few that you will need to ensure are incorporated with your sales site, if you do not have them already.

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Other credit and/or debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Ewallets
  • American Express
  • Bank Transfers

Other, more specialized payment methods may be added based upon countries you do more business with. For instance, you may want to add options like Tarjeta Naranja, Italcred, Pago Facil, Rapipago, or Bapro if doing business with countries like Argentina. However, if doing more business with German clients, then you may consider adding ELV to your webpage. It all really depends on your clientele.

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