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19 Ways to Increase Google Domain Authority

19 Ways to Increase Google Domain Authority

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Ways To Increase Domain Authority

People utilize search engines to search for information on the web. Since these people place their trust on search engines to direct them to websites with credible information about their queries, search engines don’t want to betray the trust place on them by online users, so the search engines screen and rank all the websites listed on them. A high page ranking increases the online visibility of a website, so every websites wants to be on top of the page ranking for a particular keyword in its niche. This is where domain authority comes into play.

Domain authority is among the important metrics used by search engines to rank a website. The domain authority is one of the key things search engine spiders examine in a website while crawling and indexing the site. Search engines use domain authority to determine the authenticity and popularity of a site. A site with a well-established domain authority will be rewarded with a higher page ranking than websites that have less-influential domain authority. Since the completion for a top spot on the page ranking chart is getting fiercer by the day, focusing on creating a superior will give a website the edge in this competition.

Although creating a website is an easy task, enhancing the domain authority of that site is not an easy job. Increasing the domain authority of a website does not happen overnight. It requires a lot of hard work and patience on the part of the website owner.

However, once the webmaster has successfully created a superior domain authority for his site, the benefits – increased online visibility, high search engine ranking, expansion of audience base, and gaining the trust of search engines and web users – are well worth the time, energy, and resources devoted to increasing the domain authority of the site. Here are some ways webmasters can use to increase the domain authority of their sites:

1. Domain Age

The domain age of website is pivotal to how the website is view by search engines. Well, you don’t expect Google to trust a website with a domain age of one month. Thus, the website will have to earn the trust of Google with time. The posting of unique, informative, and valuable contents and the generation of high-quality backlinks by the website can earn the trust of search engines, making the website to rank higher in search results and increasing its popularity.

2. Diversification of Links

When it comes to link building, diversifying of links is more effective than concentrating of links on a single domain. Links coming from different authority websites increases the domain authority of a website. Google reward websites having links from different authority websites in their niche with higher page rank because it is of the opinion that high-quality websites will exchange links with top-notch sites too. Thus, diversion of links increases the domain authority in the eyes of the search engines.

3. Strong Deep Linking

Internal links are quite useful to link the internal pages in a website. Strong deep linking of the internal pages of a website tells Google that every page on the website is valuable to the web user seeking for information about the site. When Google search robot crawl and assess the high-quality content on each web page, the domain authority of the website will be elevated in the eye of Google, attracting a high page ranking for the site.

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