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Creating the Perfect Shopping Cart Basket Abandonment Email

Creating the Perfect Shopping Cart Basket Abandonment Email

Abandoned Shopping Cart Email

It can be frustrating when you potential buyer has your product in their shopping cart and then abandons it. However, how soon should let this shopping cart abandonment continue? Should you send them an email after the first 30 minutes? Should you wait a day to let them sleep on it? Should you even wait 3 or 4 days to see if they change their mind and decide to buy your product?

Making Contact

According to market research, you should contact your buyer within the first hour of shopping cart abandonment for maximum conversion rates. A conversion rate is the number of customers that buy your product. Chances are your buyer simply got distracted or is weighing the pros and cons of your product. Help them out by sending them a friendly reminder emailing. After this first hour window, conversion rates take a sharp decrease. Closely monitor your customer shopping carts for best results and maximum conversion rates.

Subject Line

This abandoned shopping cart email should feature an informative and concise subject line. The subject line should contain your company name and product details for best results. However, you should test different subject lines to see which word combinations work best for retaining your customers. Your subject line may contain your company name, product details, the customer’s name, an urgent tone or a customer service tone. It is difficult to tell which subject line will work best for your particular product until you test several different subject lines on your consumer. According to market research, a combination of your company name and product details works best, but again, it depends on your product.

Email Content

The subject line should spur your customer to open your email. Once the customer has opened your reminder email, your email should be attractive and enticing. It should easily allow your customer to return to their shopping cart, your homepage or complete their order at the click of a button. Include several opportunities for your customer to do this throughout the email; the more available opportunities, the higher the odds that your customer will click one and complete their order. Include a linked logo, text hyperlinks, navigational bar, promotional banners, cart product buttons, a continue shopping button, a complete your order button, product recommendations and social links. Each of these buttons yield different conversion rates but they also cater to different audiences who notice different things. You want to maximize your click rate, so provide your customers with as many clickable buttons as possible without cluttering up your email.


These content buttons should be clearly clickable and denote a clear call to action that makes it absolutely clear what you want your customer to do. A Call To Action (CTA) is a short and sweet 3-4 word line that requests a specific action of your customer. Good CTAs include “Continue Shopping,” “Complete Your Order,” “Give us your feedback,” “Go to our homepage,” and the like. Test each button and link to make sure they are live and working.

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