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19 Sustainable SEO and SERP Methods for 2014 and Beyond

19 Sustainable SEO and SERP Methods for 2014 and Beyond

Advancements With New SEO

As technology advances with time, search engine optimization techniques have been forced to change tactic in the need to deliver better results and cost effectiveness online. This is the reason why many website marketers today have added in new tricks into which they can guarantee higher page ranks, sustained for longer and effectively. Here are some of the new ideas in the new SEO features that everyone should implement for higher search engine ranks and results.

Traffic and Rankings

Over the recent past, marketers were only focusing on organic traffic which could be seen or directed by search engines. Today, everything has changed because traffic from other similar websites, as well as social sites has proven to be more valuable and longer lasting. The ultimate goal with websites today is to create a brand awareness and exposure to as many people as possible through social sites and other websites. Although search engines still contribute a bit, indirect traffic is higher than traffic from these engines today.

Content Creation

Content creation for the new search engine optimization techniques is very different from the older ones. In the past, people used to create content purposely for robots and clicks. Today, one has to create content which will attract people to read, sematic and engaging. People now value loyalty as opposed to new traffics every day. Each piece of content posted in the new websites today is not based on generic keywords, but rather on specialized themed keywords that have a human sense.

Blogs and other social sites are also key contributors to traffic today, though the blogs too need to be very informative and engaging too. In the recent past, people were creating content to quench a search engines thirst, today; it is the reader or target audience who is considered first. As long as you can create high quality content for the reader to find useful, he or she will share it with friends, this creating a series of links for higher ranks.

Offsite Optimization

Offsite optimization plays a major role in determining the amount of traffic the site receives. Today, only high quality links from blogging sites and other related pages are considered useful. Using low quality links tends to pull the website ranks down, and no one wants that. Many people used to consider short term results while optimizing their websites, today, the new SEO techniques are focusing on the long term effects, meaning time is not a factor now. It does not matter how long the page takes to rank highly, but once it gets there, the leads become almost permanent.

The Use of Social Media

The social media still plays a major role in content marketing. However, new tweaks here and there have been added to increase efficiency and effectiveness. The only way to reap better results from social sites is by using great information which can be shared among larger groups of people, and be of benefit to them.

Photos have also taken effect with social media sites, because people now believe in visual forms of advertising because they are memorable and more enticing. Marketers today also have to keep their social site pages active all the time to help generate traffic and keep people engaged at all times.

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