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21 Fresh Content SEO Strategy Tips and Statistics

19 Fresh Content SEO Strategy Tips and Statistics

The Double Effectiveness of Good SEO Content

To get SEO success in 2013, there is less of a focus on all of the other tasks of years before and a larger stress on creating good, quality content. Rather than reward marketers who utilize mills of backlinks and people who pay for clicks on socialization links, search engines are more than ever rewarding websites that invest in creating a positive user experience. Almost three quarters of marketers who invest into strategic SEO marketing plans make sure to have original content created! Have you taken a second look at how your content could be hurting your ranking?

It’s About Becoming an Expert

In the past, websites were designed to look super cool. Now websites are being designed to help people access information in the easiest way possible. The goal is to position yourself as an expert in your niche so that you begin to influence other people in the way they perceive the subject you’re producing content about. Since 20% of all posts on social media contain links to content that someone found valuable, if you are a niche expert, it will be your information that is being shared around the internet! If a brand appears multiple times on their keyword search, there is a 50% greater chance that they will look at you first. 74% of companies and 82% of agencies have social media as a part of their SEO strategy.

Good Content Converts More Customers

How effective is your content at producing a sale? 6 in 10 people are more likely to purchase a product or service when there is customized content on their website. We’re not talking about spun content here that just gets reposted time and time again – we’re talking about valuable content that better describes the products and services being offered so that a visitor can link to sites, do their own research, and decide what of your offerings are the best deal.

Will Your Content Get Ranking Signals?

According to Bing, social media likes on Facebook are used as a ranking signal. Google is working on doing the same thing with the +1 box. Twitter helps Google be able to index content faster than if it weren’t used. This means that social media has to be a consideration when marketing to customers. Though cold calling efforts can certainly help to initiate a direct one-on-one conversation, a social sharing mechanism can do the same thing, but without the disruption of life.

How Is Your User Experience?

If your content does not provide value, offers a poor user experience, or makes sharing that information difficult, getting your SEO to improve is going to be difficult as well. Over $12 billion is being invested on a yearly basis solely into the content that is being put out on the internet today – if you aren’t investing into quality content, you’re simply going to be left behind by those who are. Using this information, what could you do today to start adding more value to your own content?

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