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19 Fantastic Independence Day Messages

Independence Day provides Americans with much reason to celebrate. From officially declaring our Independence from Great Britain, Americans can be found celebrating with fireworks, hot dogs, and beer. However, what does the American symbolic flag mean? The 13 stripes of red and white represent the thirteen original colonies founded in America. The colors white stand for purity, red for hardiness and valor, and blue for vigilance and perseverance. To celebrate this Independence Day, the following messages serve as perfect examples and inspiration of ways to express your gratitude for the United States freedom.

Americans! Listen up! I want you to have a very happy July 4th. That’s a request directly from Uncle Sam.

But neither can I, The Flag of my country. Furls especially high, Happy Independence Day July 4th.

By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall. Independence day is a good time to think who we are and how we got here. God bless our country.

Celebrate freedom! Hope your Day of Freedom is filled with family, friends and fireworks.

Freedom fighters have brought a huge revolution in America and today we promise to free our country from violence that is spoiling its beauty and charm. Take an oath to make America the best country.

Freedom, Liberty, Unity. Enjoy your Day of Freedom.

Have a Happy Independence Day. Lets enjoy the fantastic display of fireworks, set to the sound of music and learn by heart. This is a day we as a nation acknowledged ourselves free. Happy Independence Day.

Independence a precious gift from God. May we always remain independent. Wishing you a safe and happy Independence Day.

Independence Day is to have a good time. America’s Freedom from the English and make our nation, state Ours. What an immense day.

Let the fireworks light up the sky, As we celebrate the 4th of July.

Let’s celebrate a peaceful life in our land by remembering all national heroes who gave us freedom. Have a wonderful Independence Day.

Let’s celebrate the day that gave us the freedom of thought, actions, faith and speech.

On this great day when everyone is celebrated, the youth should come forward and stand for their rights. Let people live a free life that is beautiful and beyond the rules. Happy US Independence Day July 4th to everyone.

On this special day here’s wishing our dreams of a new tomorrow come true. May your day be filled with patriotic spirit.

That our country is breathing this day, never forget their sacrifice. Happy Independence Day.

The love of my nation is praise worthiness. The love of my people is endless all what I need for my country is happiness. Let me be the foremost one too wish you a Happy Independence Day.

Today we celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave. Hope your Independence Day is monumental.

We celebrate bravery of our fathers and their gift of freedom. Long may our flag wave.

Wishes for Independence day.

In 1776, the estimated population of the United States was 2.5 million people living in the newfounded free America. More than half of the American population knows that Independence was declared in 1776. Nearly a quarter of Americans do not know which country the US declared independence from. The below infographic provides a look at the common trends and statistics surrounding this important celebratory day.

Interesting Facts About 4th of July

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