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10 Incredible Facts About Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors


Tesla Motors Inc is an American automobile company based at Palo Alto in California. It has only been around for a decade but it has made giant leaps in the category of electric vehicles. Tesla Motors is a publicly listed company and its stocks have been skyrocketing in the past two years. After having posted a healthy profit in 2013, the company has its eyes set on larger profits and a much larger market cap. The market share of Tesla is measly when compared to other auto majors. It has a minuscule presence since its target has been affluent buyers. But with Tesla gearing up for more affordable electric vehicles for the masses, things could change in the next few years.

Tesla Motors Inc has been a unique story. The company champions the concept of electric car and is genuinely endeavoring to compete with gasoline cars at all levels. Tesla has already set out on the right path, it only remains to be seen how quickly and how viably the company delivers on its visions.

In 10 Mind Blowing Facts About Tesla, you will get to find out some very interest aspects about the company. While many may wonder that Tesla Motors has something to do with the inventor Nikola Tesla, there is actually no connection barring the fact that the AC motor used in Tesla’s first model Roadster was a version of the design made by Nikola Tesla.

In the ten facts that you will explore, there are some very interesting revelations. For instance, Tesla Motors has announced that it will not file lawsuits against those who use their patents or technology in good faith. This is unheard of in any industry or any technology. Despite such standpoints and principles, the stock price of Tesla has only surged. It is also interesting to note that companies like Daimler AG and Toyota, which are essentially the competitors of Tesla in the automobile industry if not in the electric vehicles category that Tesla is into, holds shares in Tesla Motors Inc. This is not unheard of as competing companies do buy shares and have certain stakes in their rivals’ successes but what this investment shows is the element of trust that the automobile industry has in Tesla and its technology, vision and endeavors.

Explore the 10 facts about Tesla and gear up for a tomorrow when electric vehicles will become more affordable and practically more viable.

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