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18 College Graduation Invitation Wording Samples

The graduation rate for many undergraduate students are 56% for males and 61% for females. Only in private for profit institutions were males placed at a higher graduate rate than females. For the average 2 year associated or certification, the average student took 3 years to complete. Enduring any long course of study, the graduation of these individuals should be wholeheartedly celebrated. A collection of college graduation invitation wording samples are listed below to help inspire you.

[name] has studied the books and passed the test. Now it’s time to celebrate for doing her best.

Celebrate… school is done. Look out world, here I come! [name] will graduate from [school name].

Come celebrate the graduation of [name].

I, [name] am proud to announce my graduation from [school name]. Please join me in celebrating my achievement.

It’s time to celebrate! Introducing the [year] Grad!

Join us at an open house to celebrate the graduation of [name].

Let’s celebrate the graduation of [name] from [school name].

Lets surprise the Grad. Join us for [name] surprise graduation party on [date] at [time].

Mr. and Mrs. [full name] invite you to join them for the graduation of [name].

Please come to an open house held in honor of [name].

Please join us for a graduation party in honor of [name].

School’s out. It’s a wrap. Now let’s celebrate [name] get his/her graduation cap.

The portraits of our childhood are almost completed. The final painting has required several artist’s dedication. You are invited to the graduation of [name] from [school name].

We have seen [name] strive for and finally accomplish an important and enduring goal. College graduation. We are proud to see him fulfill his dream and would like to invite you to his graduation celebration taking place on [date] at [location].

Wisdom, knowledge, and courage are learned from experience. Please share our joy as our [son/daughter] graduates from [school name].

With great pride, I [name] am pleased to announce my graduation from [school name]. Come celebrate my achievement at [location].

With great pride, I am pleased too announce my graduation from [school name].

You are cordially invited to attend the graduation of [name] from [school name].

Graduating from college can be an exciting time. Planning your next step forward in starting a new career. The following infographic depicts the average costs involved for new college graduates to get it by when they go out on their own with a new degree in hand. An average 66% of borrow their education and start their new career with a new salary of $41,600 a year. The average 20 something year old is in over $50,000 in debt. With the average cost of an apartment in the United Stats being over $1,300 plus living costs, recent graduates are placed in a tricky spot. An estimated third of graduates are still living at home with their parents to help get them started off their feet.

Average Cost of Living for College Graduates

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