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17 Vital Mobile Search Statistics and Trends


Mobile Search User Behavior

Studies on mobile search revealed the following:

• 2.5% of all searches are for top keywords.
• The top 5 keywords forms 4.8% of all searches.
• 5.8% of all searches comprises of top 10 keywords.
• Top 100 keywords forms 10.7% of all searches.
• Of all searches, 26% of them are unique.

For desktop searches, there is a rise which climaxes at about 2pm and then drops steadily over the rest of the day but for mobile searches, it climes at about 12 midnight and depreciates through the dead of the night. This shows that users always makes use of the mobile searches as compared to desktop searches.

It is recommended that advertisers optimize their sites for mobile sites as they can reach a larger populace since it has a click through rate of 11.5% and higher.

Mobile vs. Desktop

For mobile devices, the average response time for searches is 1 hour while for desktops, the average response time for searches is one week. 40% of mobile searches are local while 20% of desktop searches are local.

Here is a list of the most searched words on mobile devices.
1. Facebook
2. Google
3. YouTube
4. Hotmail
5. Yahoo
6. Google Maps
7. Craigslist
8. EBay
9. Twitter
10. ESPN

In mobile searches, Facebook ranks top on the list. It is often misspelt as faceboo, Faceboock, Facebok, Facbook and Fecebook. For queries with the word “Facebook” there are almost 2500 variations. In Malaysia and Italy, Facebook is mostly used as a keyword, twice as much as the entire globe as compared to Korea and Japan 1/28 and 1/14 of the global average.

Facebook is so popular that for every 100 searches of Facebook, there are 2.52 searches for twitter, 1.02 searches for Pinterest, 0.54 searches for badoo and 0.51 searches for Myspace. 0.38 search for Instagram, 0.20 searches for myyearbook and 0.07 searches for LinkedIn.

Difference between Mobile and Desktop Searches

Searches for Celebrity
For every 100 searches for celebrity from different categories, here is a comparison between desktop and mobile searches.

Kardashian: 100 mobile/100 desktop
Miley Cyrus: 51 mobile/75 desktop
Clint Eastwood: 2 mobile/40 desktop
Johnny Depp: 8 mobile/40 desktop
Jennifer Lopez: 40 mobile/22 desktop
Justine Bieber: 6 mobile/47 desktop
Selena Gomez: 50 mobile/6 desktop
Rihanna: 59 mobile/13 desktop

Searches For Celebrity Social Media
Twitter: 100 mobile/100 desktop
Pinterest: 40.3 mobile/1.12 desktop
Badoo: 21.4 mobile/20.22 desktop
Myspace: 21.3 mobile/4.49 desktop
Myyearbook: 8.1 mobile/0 desktop
LinkedIn: 2.6 mobile/12.36 desktop

Searches for Fast Foods
McDonalds: 100 mobile/83 desktop
Pizza Hut: 91 mobile/33 desktop
Dominos: 60 mobile/100 desktop
Subway: 24 mobile/39 desktop
Papa Johns: 24 mobile/39 desktop

Top 15 Global Mobile Searches by Category

1. Hotmail: 100
2. Yahoo: 46
3. Gmail: 35
4. Temple Run: 100
5. Angry Birds: 67
6. Draw Something: 37
7. Cut the rope: 9
8. EBay: 100
9. Amazon: 59.9
10. Football/Soccer: 100
11. Baseball: 46
12. Cricket: 42
13. Basketball: 39
14. Tennis: 19
15. Obama: 100

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