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17 Tips for a Successful Facebook Likes Contest


A Facebook contest can be a great strategy to promote a new product or service, to gain some traction and publicity, to indulge in some branding activity and to create awareness of a particular company, line of products or services. If a Facebook contest is successful and draws many participants then the implications can be far-fetched. A company will not only get an outreach to a larger audience but it would also gain many new followers or subscribers. But if the contest doesn’t fetch much of an audience then the whole exercise can be futile.

The difference between a Facebook contest going kaput and becoming a success lays in the entire planning and execution of the exercise. There needs to be some smart planning, deft execution and one should always be unique, intriguing and rewarding in whatever is being proposed to the social networking fraternity.

17 Steps To A Facebook Contest That Attracts Participants is a guide that will take you through every aspect of creating and launching such a contest, carrying it out, creating the buzz and then rewarding the participants in a fair manner. A contest is futile without the right rewards but even the most expensive rewards are not sufficient to draw an audience if the contest is not planned well and presented well.

For a starter, a contest that intends to draw the attention of hundreds and possibly thousands of people cannot be a difficult game to begin with. When you need the masses, you cannot come up with a theme or genre of contest that is for the niche audience. No matter how big the reward is, it is the nature of the contest that draws people. Even if a big reward manages to draw some numbers, people will be disappointed with the nature of the contest if it is not simple and relatable. However, that doesn’t discount the idea of having a reward that is worth pursuing.

The info-graphic will shed light on numerous elements of a contest on Facebook. From setting up the right goals to deciding on the type of the contest, learning the guidelines and rules of the social network to using the right technology or apps for the process, from devising strategies that can make your contest go viral to mining the data you generate, there are many elements of a contest that attracts participants. Explore the info-graphic to pick up the tips that you would absolutely need.

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