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Review of the Unishippers Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

An investment into the Unishippers franchise makes sense because you’ll be providing businesses with a service that is always needed. Cost reduction measures that this corporation has taken recently only improve the chance to be immediately competitive as a franchisee because the third party logistics is expected to grow by over 60% in the next decade. The express delivery industry alone is worth over $80 billion annually and Unishippers gives you the chance to make logistics work better so that you can find good profitability.

What Is the Initial Expected Investment?

With the national franchising program that Unishippers has started, it is possible to manage a business from virtually anywhere in the United States. Most of your work is going to be done on the phone because you’ll be serving and selling to businesses across the country, no matter where you happen to live. It’s a low cost of entry – just $30k for the initial franchise fee and many candidates will qualify for financing.

The advantage with this franchise model is that your overall costs are quite low. It can be run from a home office, which means you won’t need any staff. There are different franchising options from which to choose as well, so you can get the right one for your local market. A national franchise total initial investment is estimated to be just $61k total and that includes travel, training, licenses, and equipment you may need. Other franchise opportunities fall below this maximum initial investment.

In return for the investment, you’re getting the chance to have a unique lifestyle as a business owner. Most of your contacts work normal business hours, which means you’ll be able to work a retail franchise and still spend most of your evenings and weekends with your family. You’ll also earn residual, passive income every time a customer you’ve developed makes a shipment. That means you won’t be selling the same product continuously to the same customers, freeing up your time to work on development.

What Kind of Support Do You Receive?

Unishippers divides their franchisee support into regions so that you can receive help with your daily administrative or customer service needs. Each franchisee is assigned a regional consultant so there isn’t any guessing as to who should be contacted to get help. Each regional consultant is given a maximum of 5 franchisees to support as well, which means everyone will get the personalized attention that is deserved.

As a new franchisee, you’ll also receive training assistance. Unishippers believes that there is a talent for sales, but that it is also a skill that can be developed. You’ll be given scenario-based training so that you’ll become familiar with the hurdles and obstacles that you’ll face in this business opportunity. It’s a realistic learning environment that includes live calls, virtual classes, and workshops that are supplemented with ongoing one-on-one support from the assigned regional consultant to your franchise.

Franchisees also receive help with marketing programs that assist with your brand saturation and identity. You’ll have access to social media and email programs that have proven to be successful and receive advice about how to market your specific strengths to your customer base. This is supplemented with an in-house IT team that will give you cutting edge, easy-to-use applications and programs to help make your customer service needs easy to meet.

How Does This Franchise Work?

What you’re providing to your customers is a single access point to all of the shipping services that they’ll need. As a franchisee, you’re essentially acting as a contractor representing Unishippers because you’ll be selling the proprietary methods under this franchise model. You’re making shipping simple and easy for small business owners by assessing their needs, providing great rates, and helping them to ship their products nationwide with on consolidated bill.

You’ll be working with major shipping companies to provide a complete portfolio of shipping services. You’ll set up your customers so they can begin shipping immediately, provide them with supplies, and make sure they’ve got the online shipping tools that they will need. You’re creating relationships that benefit everyone involved so that everyone can make money. You can’t ask for much more from a franchising opportunity.

How Good Is This Investment Opportunity?

If you could sell dirt to a farmer, then you can sell shipping supplies to a business that needs help with shipping. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves sales, but doesn’t like the idea of filling company-led quotas in order to keep their job. There’s no sales manager to report progress to every day because you end up being the manager!

The advantage to this system is that you can be located anywhere and sell to any business in the United States. Although franchisees with an extensive local population will have an advantage in this opportunity, anyone can succeed based on their own efforts. The franchise model is scalable, so you can grow and hire more people as needed or you can keep it a one-person operation to bring in a solid income based on your own hard work.

Your customers benefit because you’re able to advocate for them using the power of the Unishippers national presence to negotiate lower rates. You are guaranteeing your customers significant savings on their shipping needs and provide them with flexible invoicing, credit, and insurance options. You give them access to the best rates for multiple carriers and a one-stop process that is so easy to use that they will save time every day on their shipping needs.

With over two decades of success, reasonable hours, and outstanding support, you can easily become your own boss thanks to this franchising opportunity. If you love sales and want to help other businesses realize more profits, then you may wish to request more information about this investment opportunity right now to achieve your dreams.

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