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17 Lessons Learned from Arianna Huffington’s Thrive


According to some, success and ambition as well as power are all overrated. For centuries, society has defined success as amassing a fortune or substantial wealth. Ambition has been defined as the unending desire for more. Often, the desire pertains to career and fortune. Power has also been misunderstood since it has been perceived as the ability to do what others cannot, strictly in the material sense. In this entire conundrum, the immaterial has never been accounted for, while it is the immaterial that also matters, equally, if not more than the material accomplishments.

Thrive by Arianna Huffington sheds light on the archaic understanding of success. Money or wealth and power do not complete success. There is another reality which completes success and that is the combination of four elements – well being, wonder, wisdom and giving.

Have you ever wondered why Bill and Melinda Gates have been on the road, around the world, visiting some of the most impoverished regions in the world, working to fight diseases, poverty and lack of basic health services? Why have they, along with many billionaires in the world, pledged anywhere from half to almost all of their amassed wealth to charity? The answer to these questions will tell you why giving is so important for success. That is also what the associated info-graphic will shed light on.

Money and power are extremely important ingredients to live a provisioned and satiating life but the degree of contentment can be jeopardized, it can be dealt a severe blow if well being is compromised. If a person is not healthy, sick or ailing and doesn’t get to live a proper full life, then that money and power will be futile. They would be insignificant. Money can attend to most illnesses and can get a person access to some of the wonders of science but money cannot treat all diseases known to man. Likewise, the suffering and pain associated with most health concerns cannot be done away with quickly or over time just because one is powerful. The sense of power or having the possession of power will not compensate for the physical pain and psychological impacts of an unhealthy body.

Wisdom is what allows one to see through the fallacy of considering money and power to be the two most important elements of success and thus the ultimate goals of life. Without wonder, the money and power will cease to amaze an individual. It is indeed the four pillars of the third metric of success that you can learn from Thrive.

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