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17 Great Wedding Program Thank You Messages

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Dear parents, I wish you happy wedding anniversary greetings and send you lots of love and happiness through this card. I wish you more lovely moments in your married life for years to come.

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For the special wedding favor, I send best thank you wishes for your family for gifting me something so special. I am very grateful and thankful to you for the same.

I cordially invite you to my wedding next Tuesday and also list the wedding program of dance celebration, wedding and the dinner to be followed throughout the day. I invite you to the celebration.

I send thank you wishes for the beautiful wedding program you arranged and managed to go well so smoothly. I am very thankful for gifting me the wonderful wedding experience.

I send thankful wishes for the wedding booklets you gave me along with the wedding invitation. I wish you a blissful nuptial life ahead and thank you again for the booklet.

I thank you for the wedding vouchers you gifted for me and my husband. It was indeed a pleasure having you in my wedding celebration and receiving the special voucher gift from you dear.

I thank you my dearest guest for arriving at my wedding and blessing me and my wife with your love. I send my heartfelt thankful wishes to you.

My lovely parents, I cordially invite you to my wedding on 14th May and also send the wedding program list consisting the sangeet, dance function, wedding and the dinner to be followed on that day.

On your wedding day, I send heartfelt congratulations and all my love for your happiness in years to come in your married life. I wish you a blissful nuptial life.
A wedding is a special celebration united two individual lives together in unity. Choosing a ceremony location is difficult enough with almost 60% of couples planning their ceremonies in a religious institution. Many brides even start to plan their wedding before the man even proposes. The following wedding program thank you messages will help to show appreciation for the effort and time it took to coordinate such a special and unique event.

Through this beautiful card, I send my heartfelt thankful wishes from the core of my heart for your upbringing and all the effort you have given into making me what I am today.

Through this text message, I send heartfelt funny thank you wishes for the beautiful anniversary gift you gave us. We are very thankful for your presence at the celebration and the gift for our anniversary.

To my lovely parents, I send all the love and heartfelt congratulations as you complete 25 years of blissful married life. Let Lord bless you with more lovely years of nuptial life and you get cherished moments of love together.

To my loving parents, I thank you both for my wonderful wedding you organize and pull it off so well. I am much grateful for your love and the wedding you have gifted me mom and dad.

We, the bride and the groom thank all guests for being there by our side on our wedding and celebrating the beautiful occasion together with us. We feel blessed and are indeed grateful to you.

With all my love, I invite you to my wedding on 14th April to be held at Royal Plaza from 10 am. I would wholeheartedly look forward to your blessings and love on my wedding day.

The following infographic provides a snapshot into the following wedding trends from colors picked to online planning resources. Almost half of brides use their smartphones to perform initial research and seek vendors to assist. Keep in mind that the most popular month to get engaged is in December, while the most common month for marriage was July and August.

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