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14 Real Places Where Star Wars Was Filmed


The Star Wars franchise is one of the most successful series of movies in Hollywood history, and the films are known for their rich visuals and stunning settings. If you’re a fan of the movies you can get an up close and personal look at many of the sets by using this quick and handy travel guide. Consider some places you might want to visit to relive your favorite scenes.

1. Tunisia

Tunisia is hot, dry and dusty, and was the perfect setting for many of the scenes in all six films. You can experience the heat of the Skywalker farm or feel like you’re actually on the home planet of many of the characters when you visit this age-old land. Some areas even offer guided tours of the locales used for several of the films, making it easy for you to find the best places to see.

2. The Redwood Forest

The forest moon of Endor is a fictional location that played a large part in Episode VI of the franchise, and scenes set on this moon were shot in the redwood forests located in many California state parks. These redwoods are sometimes hundreds of feet tall and you can feel as if you’re actually in the film, zipping around them to avoid storm troopers or battling with the ewoks when you visit this area. The setting is beautiful and plush even on its own, but it also makes for a great vacation for real Star Wars fans.

3. Norway and Switzerland

To get a real feeling for the battles fought on the icy planet called Hoth or for the snowy landscapes of Alderaan, visit the cold areas of Norway and Switzerland. Both countries filled in for these locations in the films and they offer tours of the areas that were actually used during filming. You might drive around a glacier in Norway or take in the landscape and horizon in Switzerland to really fell the chill that was so perfectly caught on the big screen.

4. Hertfordshire, UK

The Naboo forest was featured heavily in many scenes in the earlier episodes of the franchise, and Hertfordshire was the setting actually used. This lush location is another great destination for anyone whether or not they loved the films, but for those who want a truly authentic touring experience, it’s a perfect choice for a vacation getaway.

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