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17 Best Catchy Intensive Care Slogans

Intensive care is a type of care in a hospital that people go to when the care that the person needs is critical and round the clock. This type of care is provided in an intensive care unit, more commonly referred to as the ICU. It is very important to give the patients and their families the hope and faith that they need in order to get through a very difficult time in their life. Here are some wonderful slogans that can be used to provide this.

A Smile A Day Keeps The Worries Away.
Commitment & Experience Guarantee Our Performance.
Connect The Future of Healthcare.
Dedicated To Your Care.
Everyday People. Extraordinary Care.
In ICU, It’s All About U!
It’s The Simple Miracles That Bring Joy To Life.
Keep Calm and Focus on ICU.
Our Mission Is Your Health.
Trust Me, I’m An ICU Nurse.
We Care About Your Health.
We Provide The Hope For A Better Tomorrow.
We Want To Get It Right.
We Want To Get You Better.
Where Ultimate Care Is Assured.
You’re In Skilled Hands.

Working in the ICU is a tough jobs, and only very special people can do it. This fascinating video documents what it is like for an ICU nurse on a normal day.

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