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16 Vital Entrepreneurial Spirit Characteristics of the Startup DNA


Do You Have The DNA of An Entrepreneur

To identify entrepreneurial personality traits, the Founder Institute Entrepreneurial Training Program relies on a predictive admission test, designed by lead scientist in the selection making process.

Overtime, over 15,000 candidates have taken the predictive admission test. The program has enrolled over 1,500 founders. It has graduated over 675 companies in over 25 countries and five continents. The institute has an efficiency of over 85% accuracy in predicting the success rates in students.

So what are the traits of a great entrepreneur?

1. A great entrepreneur should be over 28 years of age, have a high project complete time and real life experiences.

2. To be a successful founder, you do not need to be a college dropout. Statistics reveals that most 34 years old with management experience and domain skills are at an advantage.

3. You need to recognize the patterns and the logic of doing things as well as demonstrate some skills of abstract thinking.

4. The best entrepreneurs seek changes not the norms. So you need to constantly seek newer and more efficient ways of achieving goals.

5. Change is said to be the only constant thing. It is same in the world of business. So you need to constantly update, adapting to the latest tide of change.

6. There is a need to balance cooperation with antagonism, you need to be receptive and considerate and at the same time, harsh and very straight forward. This defines the best entrepreneurs.

Here are the traits of bad founders:
Emotional instability.
Always making up excuses.
Full of deceit.
An excessive measures of self centeredness.
Exhibits predatory aggressiveness.

It may be shocking to discover that there is no direct relation ship between the success of founds and IQ. Conscientiousness measures the industrious levels of the candidate. This is not directly related to success.

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