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16 Granddaughter Birthday Wishes

The number of grandparents have been rising since the 1990’s. They are considered to bee the wealthiest and largest grandparent population in US history. More than $6 billion is spent annually on grandchildren for education supplied from grandparents. More than $4.1 billion is spent on clothes. This population has been some of the largest consumers in history. To share their love for their granddaughter’s the following birthday wishes are great examples to the kind of messages you want to share.

Granddaughter, wishing you a day touched with beauty and warmed with joy and love. Happy birthday.

Granddaughters are like sugar, never too sweet. Without them, though, life would be tasteless. You make our life so sweet. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Granddaughters are like sugar. Too much of them will make the taste of life even better, but too little of them will make life tasteless. You make our life worth living. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

Granddaughters are like the dreams that never end. We don’t have enough words to tell you what a wonderful granddaughter you’ve been and how proud you’ve made us all these years. Wish you a very happy and sweet Birthday.

Granddaughters like you are life’s most wonderful delight, another reason to live and a pleasure to have by your side. Happy birthday to the source of my greatest joy.

Granddaughters like you are the delight of life, the reason to live and a pleasure to have by your side. Happy Birthday to the source of my happiness and joy.

If I was given the chance to live my life all over again, I would want to live it the exact same way so that I can become a grandfather to you again. Happy birthday cuteness.

Just remembering all the great times we spent together makes me smile. Thank you for being such an amazing granddaughter to me. Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to you, cutie.

May all your dreams today and tomorrow come true. Happy birthday, little princess.

Your innocent love heals our heart. Your cuteness drives headaches away. Your sweet voice is like a lullaby for us oldies. Maybe we will never need a doctor after all. Happy birthday to our granddaughter.

Thank you for bringing so much light into my life with your bright smile. No matter how many years come and go, you will always be my little angel. Wishing you many joyous years ahead.

There’s no other way to say it: you’re one huggable little snuggle bunny. Happy birthday.

You are a synonymous with the world sweetness. Happy Birthday, dear granddaughter. May you have a brilliant day.

You are God’s most precious gift. Our wish for you is that you should explore the world, dream beyond your imagination, meet different people and figure out what life is all about. Happy Birthday to the best granddaughter in the whole wide world.

You are my daughter’s daughter and I am your mother’s mother. That means you will give me double the love and I will give you double the advice. Happy birthday.

You are my princess, my light, my source of happiness. Happy Birthday, my beloved granddaughter! May all your dreams for the future come true.

The below infographic provides some great samples and examples of the interaction and connection in society between grandparents and grandchildren. From investing in their future or answering questions that help, the relationships and bonds formed between these groups are unique and special.

Grandparents and Raising Grandchildren

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