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15 Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance


The increasing demands of professional cultures are blurring the lines between what happens at work and what happens at home. Workplace stress is something that must be taken seriously. It results in almost $200 billion in healthcare costs and $300 billion in lost productivity.

Here are some ways you can achieve a better work-life balance in your life.

1) Get Organized.
Try to prepare some meals in advance to save some time after work. Create a buffer time between work and home by going for a walk, listening to some music, or even playing a game before starting your evening routine. Let the chores sit for an evening. Then make sure you organize your money, so you have some emergency funds set aside in case something happens.

2) Schedule Family Time.
You schedule events at work. Schedule them at home too. Create a family calendar each month to know what you’ll do with the family and when. Reserve at least one full day during the weekend to do something that is fun. Think about volunteering somewhere. Plan a movie night. Coach your child’s sports team. Try something new and have a good laugh about it.

3) Think About Yourself.
You don’t need to try to kill yourself at work to be productive. Take a 15-minute break every two hours or try taking two 5-minute breaks every hour. Set your priorities before you start working each day. Avoid distractions. Turn off your mobile devices when you go to bed. Work where you feel focused, even that means working at home sometimes.

4) Eat Healthy.
What you eat will set the stage for your energy levels throughout the day. Never skip breakfast. Avoid sugary foods in the morning. Match your coffee with some oatmeal for sustained energy. Snack on nuts, jerky, or fruits and vegetables if you feel hungry. Then stop drinking coffee after lunch to make sure you can sleep at night.

5) Exercise.
Stress happens with a busy schedule. Carve out some time to exercise each day. Take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Do some Yoga at home with an instructional video. Buy a video game that encourages you to dance. Find a way to exercise that works for you.

Creating a balance in life leads to more happiness, less stress, and closer relationships. These methods can help you achieve those goals.

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