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17 Heartfelt Sympathy Thank You Messages

When it comes to sending bereavement thank you notes, the healing process can take quite some time. Weeks or even months can pass before a thank you is sent with the recipient remaining understanding to the coping of your loss. Many cards should be signed with your own name unless it is written on behalf of a family as a whole. Than the last name of the family can be used. The following examples of sympathy thank you messages are listed below to help encourage your own unique sentiment and personal words to share.

During this very difficult time, you have been a great help to us. Thank you for your great generosity and kindness. We are grateful to have a friend like you. Everybody in my family would like to thank you for the beautiful flowers you have sent in the memory of [name]. Our sincere thanks for your love and support throughout this hour of crisis.

I am grateful that I was able to have someone as caring as you to listen when I needed to talk. Thank you for being there for me.

I would like to thank you all for helping me during these last few difficult weeks. I was so relieved to come back to work and find that everything has been kept on track, thanks to all of your extra efforts. Thank you for your hard work and for supporting me when I need it the most.

It has always been a privilege to have you for a friend. I don’t know how we would have coped with the loss of our wonderful son if we hadn’t had your huge support. Thanks never seems enough at times like this.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. They help to bring comfort.

Thank you for the elegant bouquet of white flowers that you sent us. They were special and it was so kind of you to think of us. We also appreciated that you traveled a long way to be with us at the service.

Thank you for the lovely card. I really appreciate your kind thoughts. [name] always revered you as a great friend and colleague.

Thank you for the lovely flowers you sent us. They were really beautiful. It has been such a comfort to know that you were thinking about us while we were saying goodbye to [name]. It has been a really tough few weeks, but the support received from friends like yourselves have been helping us to make it through.

Thank you for your sympathy card and flowers. We were deeply touched by your words of condolence and are thankful that you are there for us at this difficult time.

Thank you for your sympathy during our time of loss. Your kind words are of great comfort to use as we grieve the death of [name].

The donation made to the Cancer Society in memory of [name] was greatly appreciated. There is comfort in knowing others will be helped.

The family of [name] would like to thank you for your sympathy. We greatly appreciate all your kind words, food, and monetary donations at this time. We realize how truly blessed we are to have such wonderful friends during times like these. Your expressions of sympathy will never be forgotten.

The time you spent with us, when we needed someone to listen, or to just be there, will always be remembered. Thank you for your strength when ours was gone.

There are hardly any words to express my heartfelt thanks for the sympathy you have extended towards our family during this difficult time we have gone through. We are deeply grateful to you. Thank you so much for being there for us, and supporting our family during this time of grief.

Without your tireless energy and support during this time, I would have been lost. Thank you.

You are just like a gem for our family. We can never forget the love and great emotional support that you gave our family during our toughest time. Your presence and willingness to help us with anything and everything that was needed was a great comfort for us. We are deeply grateful for your prayers and being there for us. Once again thank you very much.

Your never ending love and support have been a great help to us and meant a lot. On behalf of my family, I offer you our most sincere gratitude and love for being here with us in our bad times.

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