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15 Extraordinary People That Found Success Later In Life


What is the best age to learn? Around the world, it is accepted that eighteen is the age when a person matures into an adult, although there is another year of teens left and adolescence is certainly not done with. Most societies in the world today have their kids educated from a tender age of two or three and through their growing up years, until twenty one to twenty five they are provided education that will help then to have a career. But who defines what the best age to learn is?

Traditional understanding, which is backed by scientific evidence, dictates that it is best to learn when the human brain is still developing, which is also when the human mind is like sponge and can be molded most fluidly. Thus, it can be so inferred that after the age of fifteen, the human mind is not like a sponge but one can comfortably pursue higher studies till the age of thirty or even later. That is where the contradictions begin. If education is best provided when the human brain is still developing then why does education continue to twice that age of fifteen? There are people pursuing their doctorates, changing careers and setting up new courses of their professional journey at the age of forty and even later. Then, what is the best age to learn?

There is no clear answer to that. Mozart started playing music at an age when most kids will not even know the definition of harmony. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and people like them changed the world at an age when most kids will not even have a role in their own families. That makes people who succeed or begin doing what they do best, the late bloomers. That nomenclature is not necessarily right because there is no thing such as early bloomers and late bloomers, but given the finite amount of time one has at the disposal to live, late blooming is not technically incorrect.

It is never too late to learn, no matter what one intends to do. If anything is late then it is to delay learning. The associated info-graphic, Late Bloomers Who Succeeded Despite Their Age, is proof to showcase that there is no bar or capping to one’s abilities or what one can do, when. If there is an intent to learn and a desire to do, then one can do that regardless of his or her age.

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