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15 Best Company Cultures in the World


Why do some businesses consistently recruit the best people, year after year? It isn’t because of the salaries they offer or a competitive benefits package. Successful businesses stay successful because of a strong company culture, beginning at the very top of the organization.

Here are some of the lessons learned from today’s largest brands.

1) Dropbox
This company hires people, then trusts them to implement their experience in effective ways. Individual strengths are encouraged to help the company, and each employee, become their very best.

2) Twitter
Education is a top priority with this company, though a university degree is not the emphasis. They want their employees to feel like they’ve learned something new each day. A “Hack Week” each quarter allows workers to explore experimental projects or ideas that may benefit the company.

3) Etsy
Diversity is one of the keys to a strong workplace. To encourage added diversity, this company granted $500 grants to women with engineering experience to enhance their skills.

4) Facebook
This company works to integrate work and life in numerous ways, reducing stress on workers by incorporating everyday needs into the workplace. A full-service laundry is provided. Free food is offered. Open workspaces are encouraged.

5) Moz
Authenticity and transparency are two core values with this company. Whether the news is good or bad, you’re going to know about it. Every employee is encouraged to be aggressively transparent about their needs.

6) Adobe
This company places a high priority on innovation and creativity. To encourage these processes, the typical hierarchal chain-of-command has been removed. Supervisors are coaches and motivators. Workers get to focus on what they can do, instead of focusing on what their strengths and weaknesses happen to be.

7) Quora
Pairing new employees with mentors, trust is the core value offered with this company. New code is offered constantly, without the approval of a superior. By the end of the first week of employment, even new employees are trusted with their code.

A strong company culture can take on many forms. One common element must be present: the needs of the worker must come first. The lessons learned from these companies allows other brands to pursue their own unique culture that will ultimately help them to build a stronger brand.

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