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14 Superb Anita Bhogle Quotes

Anita Bhogle is the wife of Harsha Bhogle, an Indian cricket commentator and journalist. Operating the motivational workshop based on their book with the same title, ‘The Winning Way,’ Bhogle focuses on how to take the lessons learned from sports and apply it to levels of management. Here is a look at some of the best Anita Bhogle quotes to get you inspired.

“A talented individual without the right attitude can’t be a long-term sustainable winner. A person with great attitude but with limited talent could still be a great champion member of the team. A combination of these two will make the person a real winner.”

“An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.”

“Have found that bringing together a great team that’s united by strong motivation, determination and bravery is much more important.”

“If you have grown up in a family with few means at its disposal, you will still eat the last corner slice of bread or vigorously shake the bottle of ketchup to extract the last drop even if you can easily afford another one. If you are a family-driven company, you cannot suddenly become a professionally-managed company, as Kumaramangalam Birla discovered when, as a young man, he took over the companies his charismatic father Aditya Birla had managed.”

“Organisations that do not reward those that set up goals will find there are no more goals to score!”

“Success becomes a blanket that covers up weaknesses. You don’t see them growing until one fine day, the blanket is ripped off to reveal reality.”

“Success has to be repeatable because that is what makes you a champion. This implies knowing why you are winning.”

“The world has come closer and yet people have grown apart.”

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

“What you achieve is a function of what you think you can.”

“When companies start becoming completely goal-centric and forget that it is people who produce results, they struggle.”

“When India were set 360 to win the World Cup in 2003 against an outstanding Australian team that seemed to add a further 30 runs to the total by the way they caught, fielded and bowled. The dressing room in the break couldn’t have been the happiest place to be in. Until Sachin asked a simple question of them: ‘Can we score one boundary an over?’ It’s not easy but neither is it impossible. When he heard a few players say yes, he asked what the target would then reduce to… a boundary an over means 50 balls produce 200 runs and the objective shrinks to 160 from 250 balls. Very achievable.”

“When the times are good, stretch them. But when the times are bad, stick to the basics and be honest with yourself.”

“Winning today is about finding the balance between being encouraging and being ruthless.”

Discussing the book ‘The Winning Way,’ Hasha and Anita Bhogle discuss new perspectives and paradigms learned from managing sports teams. Just because the fields are different, the same core attributes exist.

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