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14 Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Certain etiquette must be applied to tea parties, especially during high tea. Napkins should never touch the table or continually stirring and swirling your tea in the cup. While scones are good, never dig into it. Sandwiches should be consumed with taking small bites from your sandwich to eat versus placing the whole thing in your mouth. If you want to host your own tea party, a selection of mad hatter tea party invitation wording ideas will help to get you started. These have been used by other individuals hosting similar occasioned parties and intended to inspire the creation of your own.

A little hat made of ribbons and bows. A bird perched there, a nest, a rose. A silly hat or pretty too, which one will we see on you?

Come celebrate the queen who has stole (name) heart.

Don;t be late for a very important date. Please join us down the rabbit hole for (name).

Don’t be late to a very fun date.
Don’t be late… for a very important date! You are invited to a rather curious and very un-bridal bridal shower. Our queen of hearts is getting married. Meet us in wonderland in mad style.

How lovely it would be if you would join us for tea.

It’s a mad hatter tea party! Don’t be late to celebrate.

Join (name) and the Mad Hatter and other Wonderland friends for the festivities of (reason for party) at the Wonderland tea party.

The queen of heart has ordered we paint the roses red in honor of (name).

Up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky.

We are celebrating a very merry mad hatter bridal shower by order of the Queen of hearts in honor of (name). You are hereby summoned to attend.

You are being summoned to the mad hatters tea party. Don’t be late.

You are cordially invited to attend a tea party to celebrate the (reason for party) on (time and location.).

You are invited to a very mad tea party.

Afternoon tea is normally served between 2:00pm and 5:00pm ni the afternoon and also known as Low Tea. Formal settings can occur for social occasions that include lemon slices, smoked salmon, marmalade, jam, and finger sandwiches. High tea is served between 5:00pm and 7:00pm with tarts, cold meats, bread and butter, and chocolate. Some of the first samples of tea landed in England in the 1600’s. The below infographic outlines the historic timeline and influence of tea.

Historic Timeline of Tea

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