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150 Catchy Dog Company Names

The pet industry has been one of the few markets that proved to be nearly recession proof. While the rate of purchases slightly decreases, revenue expanded and remained strong during the worst parts of the recession. This has contributed greatly to the projected 4.4% estimated revenue growth that is expected to occur through 2016. Franchising opportunities are also gaining popularity with services offered that range from grooming, training, and pet daycare. The market segment of dogs offers a wide array of opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs. A selection of dog company names from the United States are provided below to help inspire the creation of your own unique brand.

4 Paws Dog Walking Service
Adorable Pup Menace
Attention Dog Walkers
Barkin’ Mad Dog Walkers
Barking all the Way!
Barx Parx
Best Breed
Best Pet Supply
Blue Buffalo
Boulder Dog Food Company
Breeding Business
CaNINE to FIVE Dog walking Service
Caring Dog Walking Services
Chase Me Over Dog Walking
Clicker Training
Creative Pup Mania
Dakota Dog Company
Dog Bark and Brew
Dog Bites Insurance Company
Dog is Good
Dog Parade
Dog Tag Inc.
Dog Walk
Dog Walker Essentials
DogCycle Pet Walkers
Doggone Good Dog Walking Service
Doggy Bundle of Joy
DOGmatic Pet Services
Dogs Unleashed
Dogtravel Company
Downtown Dog Lounge
Dr Foster Smith Dog Beds
Embrace Pet Insurance
Epic Dog
Everything and the Dog
Fern Dog Training
Fetch Club
Fetch! Walking Service
Floppy Ears Pet Services
For the DOGaholics!
Good Dog Walking
Gotta Go! Dog Walking Service
Hair of the Dog
Hale Security Pet Door
Hangin’ with the Dawgs
Happy Hound Pet Service
Happy Trails Dog Walkers
Hot Diggity Dogs!
HotDogs Walking Service
I Heart Dogs
In & Out of the Leash
In the Company of Dogs
It’s a Dog Life
It’s Potty Time!
It’s Wuff time!
Jaywalker Dog Walking Service
Just Fuzz Dog Walking Service
Kennel Pro
Kong Company
Learn Hotdogs
Leash the Dog Services
Let’s Walk Dogs
Loch Dog
Lucky Dog
Mainstream Greyhounds
Make Your Mark Dog Walkers
Man the Collie Walking Grounds
Man’s Best Friend Dog Walkers
Melting Eyes Puppy House
Mind the Huge Dogs
Mission Puppy
My Friend Again
My Own Fierce Doggy
Northern Virginia Pet Sitting Company
Odd Dog Media
Of Dogs and Leashes
Oh Happy Pets
On Your Mark Dog Walkers
Out n’ About Dog Walkers
Paddy Paws
Paddywhack Dog Walkers
Pampered Pets
Pat Me, Please!
PawPaws Pet Walker
Pawsitively Best Dog Walkers
Pet Care Inc.
Pet Care Nanny
Pet Edge
Pet Sits
Pet Stop Dog Fence Company
Pet Walkers Anonymous
Pets Best
Playful Dogginess!
Powerful Hound Dog Walkers
Pretty Cranky Pets
Puppy Parade
Running Paws
See Spot Walk
Sniff the Bone
Snoopy and Friends Dog Walkers
Specialized Pet Walkers
Sweet Puppy Smiles
Tails and Trails
Tails-A-Waggin’ Dog Walking
The Bark
The Barking Brigade
The Dog Walker
The Dog Whisperer Walking Service
The Doggie Army
The Doggy Trolley
The DOGistic Run Services
The Dog’s Out!
The Family Dog
The Figgity Dog
The Four Paws Agency
The Funny Bone
The Golden Leash
The Good Dog Company
The Honest Kitchen
The Modern Dog Trainer
The Pampered Pug
The Pet Wash
The Poodle Parade
The Sidekick Sitter
The Speed Walking Dog
The Wagging Mongrels
The Woof Pack
The ‘Woof Woof’ Agency
Thumping Tails
Time to Pet
Top Dog
Total Dog Company
Trimmed Terrier Tails
Wag the Dog Company
Wagged Out Dog Walking
Wagzone Pet Care
Walk N Roll Pet Sitting
Walk n’ Wag Dog Walking
Walk with the Dalmatians
We Are The Doggie Buddies
We Move Pets Shipping Services
Woof-D-Doodoo Dog Walkers
Working with Dog
Your Blue Dog
Zooville USA

More than half of dog owners also have a cat. Only a fifth of dog owners, own fish. An estimated 33% of dog owners are between the ages of 25-34. More than three fourths of owners have gone online and made a purchase for their beloved loyal friend. The most popular items purchased were toys, medicine, accessories, collars, and food. The below infographic outlines the trends of dog owners when it comes to the online pet industry.

Dog Industry Consumer Online Trends

Here's the big list of business name ideas that covers over 150 of the most popular industries, and here is a directory of all of my slogans.

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