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10 Famous Business Growth Strategies That Had Dramatic Success

Sales are driven by marketing. Most companies spend more money on advertising than on any other operation in their business. Despite spending a fortune, many companies fail to record the desired growth. This is not because every such company employs wrong marketing strategies but because the very concept of marketing is changing rapidly.

A guide on how to develop a viral growths strategy and what primary components are involved with creating viral content.

Viral Growth Strategy

With the advent of search engines, social networks and online media, marketing has undergone a huge transformation. Today, advertising need not cost a fortune and every company doesn’t have to hire an expert marketer to sell its products or services. There are many new age marketing strategies that cost almost nothing but have the potential to acquire innumerable new clients. The associated benefit of such strategies is that they can also help the company to retain those very clients acquired and those that were already there.

Grow Your Marketing Strategy

Such marketing strategies are coined as growth hacks. In our slideshow, you could come across 10 classic growth hacks that have already been tried and have been proven to get unprecedented success. Every major and surprising success story in the past ten years has been startups becoming billion dollar enterprises. Some are presently valued even more. These companies didn’t tread the done and dusted path. They had new ways to look at their target market and had a completely new approach. These are the approaches that are listed in this info-graphic of 10 classic growth hacks.

There is something that every company can learn from the phenomenal rise of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hotmail, Dropbox and many such startups which were nowhere in the reckoning when they launched. They didn’t have millions of dollars at their disposal nor did they have a product that people then couldn’t live without. Not only did these products and services become integral to modern day lifestyles but in the process, these companies rewrote the rules of marketing.

Today, every activity or exercise that can get customers or source traffic is marketing. Every step that can retain a client or get a referral is marketing. The very concept and premise of marketing has changed phenomenally. It makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars or millions in the case of conglomerates to get a few branding rewards. There are organic ways to reach out to millions of people in real time and get them onboard without spending anything substantial. These 10 classic growth hacks are for every company to endorse and explore.

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