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14 Benefits of Taking the Weekend Off from Work


Many of us work our 9-5 at a desk, staring at a computer screen. Some of us have been doing this for 20+ years. Although technology can feel important, it can also act like an addiction. That’s why taking a tech-free weekend is such a healthy choice. Here’s why.

1) It improves your productivity.
If you keep working long hours, your productivity levels go down. Over time, you could be putting in 60 hours per week, but have only 40 hours of productivity.

2) It lets the brain work.
Technology is stimulating. It consumes the resources of the brain. Disconnecting allows the brain to process other data, which often results in better problem-solving skills and enhanced creativity.

3) It reduces resentment.
Stepping away from the tech for a little bit allows people to have some time to themselves. It provides a better balance between work and life, plus offers opportunities to connect with others and build relationships.

4) It will keep you healthier.
Sitting can be just as dangerous as smoking. The Women’s Health Initiative even suggests that women who sit for long periods have a reduced lifespan compared to women who do not.

5) Vacations aren’t the answer.
The benefits of a vacation of 2-3 weeks will fade within a month. Taking a tech-free weekend once per month can prolong the benefits that come from stepping away from the job.

6) It supports good mental health.
Being focused on work all the time can lead to alcohol, smoking, obesity, isolation, and other physical or emotional concerns. Long hours at the computer may double the chances of suffering from a major depressive disorder in the next 12 months. Step away regularly and these risks reduce almost immediately.

7) It will help you sleep.
Working more than 8 hours per day increases the chances that you’ll sleep 6 hours or less each night. Chronic insomnia can lead to high blood pressure levels, obesity, and even Type 2 diabetes. Hitting the reset button on the weekend can do a world of good.

8) It may save your eyes.
Long hours at the computer can generate eyestrain. Continued eyestrain may result in the development of glaucoma. Stepping away could literally save your eyesight.

It can be tough to step away from work to take a tech-free weekend, but it is definitely worthwhile. Commit to taking one this weekend and then see how you feel.

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