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13 Ways to Optimize an Ecommerce Site for Conversions


Do you remember the first websites with two to four pages, which typically contained information about the company, contact details and a list of products or services? There was seldom anything else, certainly no interactive features or definitive purpose. The objective was to have an online presence, similar to a business card or the portfolio of the company in a sleek file. Today, such types of websites are redundant. Every website needs to have a specific purpose. Multipurpose websites don’t work well. That is where the 3 major types of websites originate from.

The 3 major types of websites are the ecommerce sites, lead generation sites and user sign up sites. Online stores are ecommerce sites. Normal websites having purchasing options or shopping carts and transaction facilities are also categorized as ecommerce sites. Lead generation sites are those that need hot leads or interested customers. There is no opportunity to buy any product or service; however there are provisions for callbacks or to schedule appointments. User sign up sites are simply those sites that intend to build a database or want more members, not necessarily to sell anything, immediately or later, but to have an audience.

Each of these three types of websites has their advantages and disadvantages. The shortcomings need to be overcome if any of these sites have to be effective and if the owner of the site wishes to accomplish the objectives.

Why do some people visit user sign up sites and don’t sign up eventually? Lead generation sites are supposed to qualify people or get interested people to pitch the products or services later and yet people expressing interest by visiting the sites don’t end up providing the information that is needed to take things forward. The same reality applies to ecommerce sites. Many people visit the online stores, check out products, even compare different products and don’t end up buying. Some people or online shoppers go as far as the check out process and then they leave the site without actually buying the stuffs that were already in the cart.

Something or several things certainly go wrong somewhere for all these sites which do not allow the accomplishing of the objective. The info-graphic, How To Optimize Conversions Of 3 Major Website Types, will shed light on precisely these elements. The answers to how, why, when and what, are provided in the associated guide.

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