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8 Good Formal Dinner Invitation Wording Ideas

Planning a formal dinner party requires the perfect setting and invitation wording. A successful formal dinner requires the right type of venue, seating arrangements, and settings. First, establish your guest list and reason for event before orchestrating the right invitation style. The below compilation of formal dinner invitation wording ideas serve as perfect samples to the types of messages you can use to respectfully request the presence of someone’s company to to your formal dinner party.

[host name] requests the pleasure of your company at dinner in honor of [name], [day of week], the [day of month] of [month] at [time] o’clock in the Grand Ballroom [venue name and address]. Map enclosed. RSVP [name and number].

An Evening Under the Stars. Please join us for Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing Friday, the eleventh of September at [time] o’clock. [location and address]. [host names].

Mingle and dine. Drink some wine. The [host last name] invite you to a dinner party at The [venue name and address] at [time] o’clock in the evening.

Mr. and Mrs. [host name] cordially invite for a dinner and celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary at [date, location, and time]. RSVP [number].

Mr. and Mrs. [name] request the pleasure of your company at a dance to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary [date and venue name and address]. Please reply [number].

Please join us at home for Cocktails, Dinner and Music to celebrate [name] successful audition with [organization name], [day of week], the [day of month] of [month] at [time] o’clock. [host names].

The honor of your presence is requested for a dinner party at The [venue name and address] for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres Dinner immediately following.

The honor of your presence is requested for Dinner and Dancing on [day of week], [date] at [time] in the evening at [venue name and address]. [host names]

One of the most important aspects to realize with a formal dinner event is wearing the right type of attire for the occasion. Before leaving your home, you should have a sharp appearance and wear the proper style jacket, shirt, and tie. The oxford shoe and wingtip collar are considered to be some of the most formal type of attire. Understanding your place setting will also help you to use the proper type of table etiquette while eating. Some of the most important facts to keep in mind are located in the below infographic.

Dinner Party Etiquette

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