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13 Ways to Help in Overcoming the Creative Block

13 Ways to Help in Overcoming the Creative Block

How to Overcome Your Creative Block

Research has proven that the intelligence and creative levels of individuals have nothing in common. What prevents people from exercising the creative thought process is bad habits established over time. Here are seven ways you can overcome your own creative block.

1. Don’t Fear Uncertainty

It is natural for individuals to want things that make sense and come out of a box with simple instructions to follow. However, these types of people also tend to break down issues into simple black and white boxes for clarity.

This can become a disastrous trait as there are some things you were never meant to understand. To be successful, embrace the chaos and lack of clarity. This will give you a more advantageous result over others as you become a better innovator and think of amazing ideas.

2. Don’t Separate Work and Play

It has been found that those who let their mind be at play, become more effective at thinking creatively. Unfortunately, people mistake the common phrase, “word hard and play hard” as two different entities and treat them as separate tasks. When you are a creative thinking, play and work becomes the same thing.

3. Don’t Mix Creativity and Logic At Once

You can’t mix creative thinking and logic at the same time. This will prevent the best results from ever surfacing. When you focus primarily on creative thinking, all possibilities can be considered and better determinations made.

By evaluating your thought process after, you can toss ideas that don’t seem to provide the desired result and keep the ones that make better sense for later. Always remember to thinking creatively first and edit later. Otherwise, you will stifle innovate ideas before they have a chance to grow.

4. Don’t Worry About Mistakes

If you try too hard to not make mistakes, than you will always prevent yourself from finding success. You will learn from your mistakes, so don’t be afraid of them.

Try to consider what the worst possibility could do than think of the benefits. Often times the potential positives outweigh the risks. The more chances you end up taking, the more likely you will be at success.

5. Don’t Lose Belief in Yourself

A loss of confidence can prevent you from being creative and solving problems. Gain your confidence by understanding how creativity works.

Failure will inadvertently help you to learn. Even great ideas can initially seem crazy and out of sort. Nothing is impossible. Every person has the ability to be creative by tearing down the mental barriers formed while tapping into your inherent abilities.

6. Don’t Allow Others to Discourage

You can’t possibly avoid every person who may shoot your ideas down, tell you to conform, be sensible, and stand passively by. However, this type of advice will minimize your creative abilities so ignore them. These individuals will have less to say once you find success in your ideas.

7. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself with Information

If you tend to overthink a situation, you can easily overwhelm yourself. This will hinder you further throughout the creative process and result in your inability to act. Becoming self-aware while collecting information will help you to recognize when you need to take a step back and start acting on it.

If any of these habits seem familiar to you, than it is time to place your fears aside and start making change. These have prevented you in the past from your creative thinking process. By overcoming these bad habits, you will explore more of your creative side and discover more innovative ideas and solutions for your problems.

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