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13 Ways to Get More Shares on RoundUp Post


One of the best ways to improve customer engagement and to get more people to see the content that you have available on your website is to make sure that every single one of your posts are effectively shareable. The following tips can help you to develop an effective website that will turn into more customers purchasing the products that you have available.

1) Take Advantage of Keywords
Two of the most important places that you should be focusing your keywords on are the title of your pages and the URLs. Making sure that you use plural keywords and short URLs that include your relevant keywords can generate much more traffic. A short URL is 2.5 times more likely to get more clicks and if you have your keyword in your URL, you’ll have a higher likelihood of being put on the top 5 pages of any search engine.

2) Writing Based on Keywords
Another important reason for having the right keywords is because all of your content should be based on the ones that you use. Not only will you want to make sure that you have relevant content on your blog or website but you’ll also want to ensure that it is informative and useful for your audience. Making sure that you have important and informative content can help to make your website 20% more popular than other competitive sites in the same field.

3) Integrating Share Buttons
We all know how to share a website with friends and family members just by copying and pasting a URL but now websites have begun to add buttons that allow you to share content on several social media sites. When you are designing the layout of your website, ensure that you add share buttons below every post so that your readers can easily click something that can post your information to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites.

4) Follow Up with Sharers
It can be a great opportunity to keep track of the content that people share and the people that share it. By making sure that your company follows up with sharers, you’ll be able to lead them to other content on your site that might be readily available. For example, if a reader shares information about baking cupcakes and you have another post about cupcakes, send them a brief email that explains how they might be interested in another post that you have.

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