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13 Tips on Creating a Viral Marketing Campaign


All you need to know about Viral Marketing

This is a new form of marketing that sometimes takes the form of using word of mouth to pass information. Social media is mostly used to achieve this and promote brand awareness.

Types of Virals

1. Pass Along: This method involves the passing on of information from person to person during a conversation.

2. Incentivized: Here a person is rewarded for referring a client to a company.

3. Undercover: This involves spreading the message to as many people as possible within the earliest possible time.

4. Eday Gossip: This is creating a challenge and gossiping about a brand as a way of creating more awareness for that brand.

5. User Managed Database: Sending invitations to users to participate in communities can create a viral awareness for a particular brand.

How to Make Content Go Viral

In order to make a content go viral, it must possess the following features:

– It must deliver the message effectively.
– Content must be available for free.
– It must be compelling and targeted, sufficient to generate interest.

Principles of Viral Marketing

It gives valuable products away to attract attention. These could be through emails services and software programs.

• It can be transferred to others through email, websites, graphics and software
• It allows the project to be scaled.
• It takes advantage of human motivations and greed with the aim of satisfying them.
• It takes advantage of existing networks of communication.
• It uses other valuable information to get the message out there to the world.

How Viral Marketing Works?

Viral marketing is implemented in three stages. It works as:

1. Initial Launch boost: This reveals the boost a company receives on the launch of the project.
2. Plateau: This is a representation of target community around the campaign. This could be observed from blogs, social networks and forums.
3. Long tail: The effect of the campaign, created as a result of the response of the target community.

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