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Number of Facebook Users in African Countries


African Facebook Users in 2013

Here is a summary of the largest Facebook market users in Africa

Algeria – 4,322,820
Tunisia – 3,436,720
Morocco – 5,250,340
Egypt – 13,010,580
(This is the largest market in Africa and the 20th largest world-wide). The size of this country is like Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan.

Ghana – 1,465,560
Nigeria – 5,357,500
(This is the 3rd largest in Africa and the 35th Largest in the world) it has a size similar to Belgium and Morocco.

Ghana – 1,465,560
Kenya – 1,886,560
Congo D.R. – 891,140
South Africa – 5,534,160
(This is the second largest in Africa and 32nd largest in the world with a size similar to Romania, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia)

As at March 2013, there were approximately 50,386,760 African Facebook users. Other similarly sized Facebook markets are:
• Mexico – 39,945,620
• Indonesia – 47,165,080
• India – 62,963,440

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