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15 Stellar Statistics on Overworking Men and Women Employees

13 Stellar Statistics on Overworking Men and Women Employees

Different Insights Into Gender Roles In The Workplace

There is no doubt that there are different insights into Gender roles in the workplace today. With all the information available to us today it is easy to gain some insight into the actual “inner workings” of the everyday workplace. Understanding the different gender roles can help anyone navigate the sometimes “troubled” waters and maybe understand the differences. Once you see the information given you might be able to see comparable data that is common in other areas.

Most men and woman say they tend to overwork themselves. Men however, almost double the figure from 29 percent of woman who say the work five or more hours per week. 45 percent of men say they work 45 to 50 hours of work or more! 50% employees check work email on the weekends. 22% are expected to respond to work email when they’re not at work.

Job Satisfaction

The job satisfaction seems to come easier to men than to woman. The fact that only 32 percent of woman compare to 40 percent of overworking men, say they find general job satisfaction in their workplace. These numbers had one important contributing factor to the position held. If the position was a higher position, such as an Executive role, the position tended to be little higher. Job satisfaction seemed to be higher in men and woman who only held regular employee or team member positions in the company. Both men and women who were polled at the “Business Owner” role, had a much lower job satisfaction rate.

Productivity Techniques Used

When we are at work, what productivity techniques do we rely on and what really works? More woman tend to trust personal work more than men. Other methods such as, GTD are more popular among men. Other type of techniques that seem to be relied upon is simple delegation. A resounding 48.9 percent of men tend to rely on some sort of delegation to get the job done. 18.4 percent of woman tend to rely on themselves when it comes to getting things done. It really doesn’t matter what it. They seem to think it is easier to just do it all themselves.

One thing that doesn’t seem to motivate nearly as many woman as men, is a looming award, or some sort of bonus or appreciation for the job being done. 45.8 percent of men said that a prospective reward help to motivate them when a job or task needs to be completed.

The Impact of Interruptions

Lastly, more woman report that interruptions play a major role in breaking concentration and can completely kill their focus. Only 38.4 percent of men, say that interruptions play a key role in ruining their productivity levels.

All of the information in this graphic was derived from a poll given by an online survey of 1,915 respondents, including men and woman. The numbers show that men have a comparable outlook on job satisfaction, but maybe just have a better way of dealing with it. You can get a lot of information from numbers.

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