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13 Pinterest Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness

Increasing Brand Awareness

Selling on Pinterest

Today’s companies need to have a cutting edge way to expand their customer bank by reaching the masses. Pinterest Boards by Original Ginger can take your company to new levels through increasing their SEO efficiency and brand awareness.

Focused on Company Differentiation

Pinterest will help differentiate your business from your competitors. This is accomplished through creating completely original content and relevant captions. Before long new and returning customers will RePin and like your company’s verbal offerings. They will spread like wildfire through their business pages, networks, and circles.

How Innovative Companies Interact

This innovative company will include your company’s logo as part of your board. The time and money invested in designing your logo will continue to pay dividends. Your company will be treated as a high level business account and not a personal profile.

It is our standard that relevant keywords are only used within the company profile. As an added bonus, we will include a backlink to your websites. This enhances the SEO value, which results in Google acknowledgment and RePinning.

Your Pinterest board tells the world who your company is and what it offers. Introduce to the Pinterest audience the lifestyle and personality of your business through your custom designed board.

Create Value with Images

Valuable resources were used in the creation of your images. Your website URL or logo will protect and connect to every image. Your brand will grow with each RePinning.

New followers can be found right within Pinterest. Growing is simple, because it is a social community. Reciprocating or RePinning from community members, who appreciated your images, is a great way to thank others for their courtesy. It creates a cyber 1950s feel where everyone is interested in the success of the neighborhood.

It is everyone’s responsibility to show mutual respect and guard against copyright infringements. Always before a RePin ensure proper credit is given and legitimate websites are used.

Sell Your Products

It is fun and valuable to sell products. Pinterest wants you to succeed. Remember to include the price in the Pin Caption. Pinterest instinctually will add it to your picture.

Maximize your Pinterest resource by scheduling your Pins. Pinterest is most active between the time between 2-4 pm weekdays and all weekend long. By utilizing pingraphy.com or other applications, you can maintain the speed of face book and other social sites.

Pinterest continues to add new services to encourage communication. If you add a #hashtag,Pinterest users can research your pins by a specific topic. Adding simple @tag will notify someone that you added to their pin.

Have a Pinterest Contest

Contests bring enthusiasm and renewed connections. It is like having a party where old and new friends meet each other. Pinterest will judge the winner for you. You set up a contest board on your business profile. You invite others to pin on the board their favorite logos, hashtags, and captions. It is recommended that you set up specific rules and guidelines to prevent future confusion.

Our most popular and easy to use feature is the “Pin it” button. This is free advertising at this best. Visitors to your website or blog can easily Pin your images to their Pinterest board.

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