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How 5 Big Brands Are Using Twitter to Drive Sales

Using Twitter to Drive Sales

5 Leading Brands That Use Twitter To Drive Sales

Today, eCommerce continues to explode as a preferred way for consumers to shop and buy everything from grommets to grooming aids. Reaching as many potential customers as possible, while providing easy access to products is the key to more sales. It is also the most efficient way to grow a pool of loyal and repeat clients.

Interestingly, if we look at five leading brands that are thriving right now, it is clear that each of them know how to use social networks to their advantage. One of the favorite and most visited social networks worldwide is Twitter. Moreover, Twitter is user-friendly and attracts viewers of all ages and from every occupation.

1. Etsy

Etsy is one of the five exceedingly successful companies using Twitter as a surefire means to steer customers to its website. By encouraging their independent sellers of handmade crafts to include a call-to-action button, aka a tweet and follow button, to their online shops, Etsy puts marketing tools in the hands of its sales force. The upshot is that Etsy received in excess of one million additional mentions, which resulted in 15 percent of them becoming new followers.

2. Marketo

Another booming brand in the marketing sector is Marketo, who provide tools to business-to-business (B2B) companies. Marketo’s goal with using Twitter is to strengthen existing relationships and spawn new ones. Furthermore, Marketo sought to generate leads within a specific and highly competitive audience. This was accomplished by using Promoted Tweets aimed at people in the convention and business event circuit. Offering related free content was helpful at reaching the desired customers.

3. Lenovo

Third on this list is Lenovo, a top personal computer and Internet device company. Lenovo is proud to have sales in 160 countries and considers innovation a key to its sales of the Think-brand and the Idea-brand of Internet-related equipment. With the United Kingdom’s biggest consumer electronics show at hand, Lenovo wanted to reach out to potential new customers quickly and prominently. By utilizing Twitter’s Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets marketing tools, Lenovo spurred consumer interest in their exclusive Twitter offers. Happily, Lenovo realized a large increase of sales during the UK show as well as increased their public profile.

4. Bonobos

Next is Bonobos, a large and successful online men’s apparel marketplace. The need was simple – to move seasonal inventory quicker to make room for the next season’s new clothes. Here, with the help of Twitter, the Flock to Unlock marketing tool worked like a charm. Tweeters were rewarded with added discounts for retweeting links to Bonobos special sale. The results were a 1.2 thousand percent return-on-investment (ROI.)

5. Paramount Pictures

Finally, there is Paramount Pictures, the illustrious producer of legendary films and marketer of many forms of media worldwide. Paramount’s goal was to create talk and generate sales for a soon-to-be-released film, especially for the opening weekend. By using Twitter’s Promoted Trend option, Twitter users became aware of a special sneak-peek preview of the new film, culminating in an added one million dollars of ticket sales revenue. Once again, social networking succeeded in bringing the seller together with the consumer in a win-win format.

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