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13 Interesting Facts About the Human Brain



Here are some amazing facts that you may not have known with respect to your brain.

1. Neurons are connected to each other with up to 40,000 synapses. By multiplying 100 billion neurons by 40,000 synapses, then it can be said that the human brain has more connections than the stars of the universe.

2. Of the total amount of oxygen in the human body, the brain uses 20%.

3. The human brain contains more fat as compared to all other organs in the human body, having up to 60% fat.

4. When humans are awake, the brain generates between 10 and 23 watts of power. This is sufficient to light up an electric bulb.

5. Adults have denser brains as compared to children. For children who learnt 2 languages before age 5, they alter the brain structure.

6. The human brain is made up of 75% of water.

7. The human brain consist of about 100 billion neurons.

8. It is believed that when we yawn, we send more oxygen to the brain, cooling it down, making it more alive.

9. A piece of brain tissues as small as the size of a sand grain is made up of as much as 100,000 neurons and 1 billion synapses all communicating with one another.

10. The information in the human brain travels about 268 miles per hour but when you are drunk, everything slows down.

11. As a result of cells in the human brain called mirror neuron, we yawn after someone else does. If this part of the human brain is damaged, the person may find it difficult to socialize.

12. When you were 18 years of age, your brain did not stop developing, in fact it continues to develop through your entire human life.

13. The process of cognition is primarily associated with the human brain. Although the brain is referred to as grey matter, it is actually pink too.

14. Humans have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day.

15. The brain itself cannot feel pain as there are no pain receptors. Pain receptors in our heads are what feels pain hence the name, headache not brain ache.

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